There were 49 single family homes sold in Santa Clara in November of 2017.  Sellers continue to receive record prices for their homes with the highest priced sale being $2,485,000 and lowest price home sold for $755,000.  Average days on market were 16.73 and median days on market 9.   The average price of a home sold in November 2017 is now $1.438M ($1.375 MEDIAN) with an average price per sq. ft of $967  ($1,018 MEDIAN).  Of the 49 homes sold in November, 43 of them sold for more than asking price.  The very low inventory for the season has resulted in a very unbalanced market.  We are seeing multiple offers virtually on all homes.  Homes that are priced right continue to sell quickly for record prices.  If you are considering selling your home contact me and we can sit down and discuss your options and outline a plan, now is the time.


Street AddressList PricePrice% OverDOMBDBASq Ft
564 Chapman Court$695,000$755,0009%431|01,170
962 Reeve Street$885,000$850,000-4%2832|01,604
4615 Armour Drive$848,000$949,00012%1032|01,095
1900 Chestnut Street$1,050,000$950,000-10%7053|01,835
1083 Portola Avenue$949,000$1,025,0008%822|01,012
3149 Agate Drive$879,000$1,035,00018%1031|0897
2694 Benton Street$998,000$1,060,0006%1832|01,289
3820 De La Cruz Blvd $999,888$1,075,0008% 63|02,421
1386 Cabrillo Avenue$849,999$1,100,00029%1331|0985
2726 Benton Street$1,050,000$1,160,00010%1631|0900
637 Enright Avenue$895,000$1,181,00032%1431|0980
617 Flannery Street$975,000$1,200,00023%942|01,127
1045 Civic Center Drive$1,099,950$1,200,0009%032|01,519
1605 Chestnut Street$1,298,000$1,200,000-8%654|03,226
3499 Santa Barbara Avenue$950,000$1,225,00029%932|01,212
4913 Calle De Escuela $928,000$1,250,00035%932|01,140
1871 Saint Lawrence Drive$950,000$1,250,00032%931|01,068
2158 Monterey Avenue$988,888$1,270,00028%1142|01,678
1144 Blackfield Drive$1,100,000$1,300,00018%732|01,134
2002 Gammell Brown Place$1,378,000$1,300,000-6%7943|02,360
2329 Bray Avenue$1,168,000$1,320,00013%531|01,267
2158 Hoover Drive$1,100,000$1,330,88021%832|01,181
1535 Newhall Street$1,148,000$1,365,00019%632|01,312
2529 Moraine Drive$1,189,000$1,368,00015%1033|01,396
2272 Sutter Avenue$1,185,000$1,375,00016%632|01,162
3398 Victoria Avenue$1,199,000$1,380,00015%1032|01,080
2246 Laurel Drive$975,000$1,390,00043%841|01,260
2622 Forbes Avenue$1,168,000$1,400,00020%932|01,230
1324 Bellomy Street$1,228,000$1,401,00014%632|01,841
992 Sunset Drive$1,098,000$1,476,00034%732|01,384
3103 Millar Avenue$1,300,000$1,500,00015%943|01,836
2852 Butte Street$1,388,000$1,551,00012%931|01,400
775 Fairlane Avenue$1,425,000$1,575,00011%432|01,330
908 Fremont Street$1,684,950$1,600,000-5%8033|03,207
912 Pomeroy Avenue$1,398,800$1,628,00016%932|11,855
2236 Lenox Place$1,388,000$1,630,00017%843|02,223
3015 Ryan Avenue$1,388,888$1,650,00019%942|01,390
542 Woodhams Road$1,718,000$1,662,000-3%6442|11,810
834 Pepper Tree Lane$1,298,000$1,700,00031%743|01,935
3029 Cameron Way$1,299,000$1,705,00031%832|01,240
747 Valley Way$1,498,888$1,705,00014%843|02,198
2926 Forbes Avenue$1,594,000$1,780,00012%732|01,444
362 Manly Court$1,600,000$1,800,00013%1032|01,455
564 Flannery Street$1,675,000$1,835,00010%942|11,809
1064 Bluebird Avenue$1,488,000$1,980,00033%742|01,480
943 Wren Court$1,988,888$2,070,5004%12344|02,533
3823 Sullivan Drive$2,075,000$2,250,0008%642|12,106
288 Kellogg Way$2,100,000$2,250,0007%543|02,211
260 Howard Drive$2,249,000$2,485,00010%1653|02,471

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