June 2018 Santa Clara Home Sales

2018 Santa Clara June home sales consisted of 65 single family homes sold in Santa Clara, an increase of the 21 homes sold in May and 50 homes in April.  The market has remained fairly steady with no significant price drops, but some slowness which can be expected this time of year.   Average days on market increased to 15 from 13 and median days on market 12 from 9 in the previous month. The average price of a home sold in June 2018 was $1.594M about $60k lower than last months $1.652M. The Median price home was $1.538M, about $30K less than May’s median price.  Of the 65 homes sold in June, 54 sold over asking on average 6% over asking compared to 12% over asking in the previous month.  Keep in mind of the homes that are not selling and sitting on the market.

The market is steady, but slowing down in the Summer.  This is typical for this time of year.  The question is will the market start to tighten up again in fall or will inventory continue to rise and push the market more towards a buyer’s market.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBDBASq Ft
1452 Heatherdale Avenue$1,698,000$1,550,0004442|01,482
1795 Jackson Street$1,200,000$1,100,0002421|01,000
1435 Bergin Place$1,499,000$1,385,0002833|01,647
1226 Jackson Street$1,549,000$1,445,0003532|12,075
2838 Forbes Avenue$1,828,000$1,750,0001942|12,277
4101 Tobin Circle$1,489,000$1,435,5002933|01,590
4101 Tobin Cir$1,489,000$1,435,5001233|01,590
63 Conner Place$1,498,888$1,450,0001132|11,905
3133 Mckinley Drive$1,950,000$1,900,0003532|01,317
2079 Fordham Drive$1,450,000$1,430,0001632|01,587
3856 Shasta Drive$1,725,000$1,707,7501233|01,991
3490 Clinton Avenue$2,648,000$2,648,0001443|02,503
666 Malarin Avenue$1,200,000$1,200,000842|01,364
2477 Warburton Avenue$1,299,000$1,300,0002322|01,368
2187 Talia Avenue$1,399,950$1,410,0001232|01,183
646 Pomeroy Avenue$1,600,000$1,625,0001832|01,462
688 Bancroft Street$1,728,000$1,760,0002133|01,795
1397 Loyola Drive$1,325,000$1,350,000932|01,377
188 Cronin Drive$1,995,000$2,035,0001032|01,760
2016 Stanley Avenue$1,268,000$1,295,0002732|01,130
2595 Bonnie Drive$1,568,888$1,615,0002842|01,820
28 Michael Way$1,799,000$1,860,0002532|01,274
1137 FAIRFIELD Avenue$1,398,000$1,450,0001942|01,348
152 Blake Avenue$1,799,000$1,868,0001232|01,347
2044 Jackson Street$999,950$1,050,000931|11,050
3674 Macintosh Street$1,199,000$1,260,0001542|01,449
2294 Warburton Avenue$1,899,950$2,000,0001553|13,100
3322 Geneva Drive$1,680,000$1,770,0001032|01,420
3551 Earl Drive$1,450,000$1,530,000332|01,240
2017 El Capitan Avenue$1,325,000$1,400,000843|01,523
3585 Butcher Drive$1,180,000$1,250,0003632|01,166
1956 Bohannon Drive$1,599,000$1,700,0002442|11,840
1175 Phillips Court$1,298,000$1,380,0001431|01,000
2624 Maplewood Lane$1,900,000$2,025,000842|12,193
1000 Capitola Way$1,498,000$1,600,0001242|01,845
580 Camino Drive$1,198,000$1,280,0001032|11,348
2954 Miles Drive$1,688,000$1,805,000832|01,713
2250 Gianera Street$1,449,000$1,550,0002042|12,086
3093 Millar Avenue$1,550,000$1,660,0001032|11,534
1803 Henning Place$1,399,000$1,500,0002843|12,406
2761 Forbes Avenue$1,448,000$1,568,0002732|01,145
211 N Cypress Avenue$1,499,000$1,625,0001631|01,372
145 Brian Lane$1,798,888$1,970,000342|01,232
2249 Lenox Place$1,375,000$1,510,000942|11,685
3776 Pinewood Place$1,198,700$1,325,000942|01,592
658 Barto Street$1,348,888$1,500,0001742|01,092
4495 Billings Circle$1,998,800$2,230,000942|12,331
724 Salberg Avenue$1,449,950$1,625,0001632|01,254
3818 Thrush Court$1,799,000$2,020,000942|01,568
2881 Forbes Avenue$1,500,000$1,700,000732|11,796
728 Clara Vista Avenue$1,188,888$1,350,000732|01,013
4118 Tobin Circle$1,399,000$1,610,000833|11,657
611 Hillsdale Avenue$1,799,000$2,080,000932|01,284
2867 Butte Street$1,398,000$1,620,000932|01,595
2664 Maplewood Lane$2,399,950$2,800,0001343|02,735
2746 Donovan Avenue$1,249,000$1,460,0001142|01,330
2585 Crystal Drive$1,198,000$1,402,000832|01,220
2944 Millar Avenue$1,298,000$1,538,000732|01,170
1915 De La Pena Avenue$1,298,000$1,550,0001632|01,706
3542 Aberdeen Street$1,199,000$1,450,000853|01,956
2344 Fosgate Avenue$1,099,000$1,357,000931|01,035
1590 Newhall Street$888,888$1,100,000231|01,092
1176 Lincoln Street$849,500$1,061,176921|0735
1963 Harrison Street$999,000$1,258,000621|01,111
2644 Maplewood Lane$1,699,888$2,160,000942|12,094

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