2018 March Home Sales for Santa Clara saw 60 single family homes sold in Santa Clara. Sellers continue to receive record prices for their homes with the highest priced sale being $2,340,000 and lowest price home sold for $1,020,000.  Average days on market were 8.73 and median days on market 8.5. The average price of a home sold in March 2018 was $1.628M ($1.609 MEDIAN) with an average price per sq. ft of $1,079.66 ($1,058.20 MEDIAN). Of the 60 homes sold in March, 58 of them sold for more than asking price. The very low inventory for the season has resulted in a very unbalanced market. We are seeing multiple offers on virtually all homes. Homes that are priced right continue to sell quickly for record prices. If you are considering selling your home, contact me and we can sit down and discuss your options and outline a plan, now is the time.


Street AddressSale Price% OverDOMBDBASq Ft
580 Park Court$1,020,00028%821|01,137
429 California Street$1,060,00021%821|0827
963 Laurie Avenue$1,130,0008%842|01,314
741 Enright Avenue$1,200,00020%021|0836
2125 Hogan Drive$1,200,000-8%1942|01,635
1826 Market Street$1,225,0003%1132|11,366
2234 Homestead Road$1,250,00025%822|01,068
761 Lincoln Street$1,310,00014%931|01,632
2035 Main Street$1,325,0006%932|01,144
1856 Cabrillo Avenue$1,330,00048%831|0985
3726 Eastwood Circle$1,350,00017%742|01,666
729 Robin Drive$1,351,00023%1521|0836
2069 Coolidge Drive$1,370,00019%032|01,181
1898 Fairway Glen Drive$1,400,00017%932|11,236
752 Scott Boulevard$1,400,0009%2742|01,830
936 White Drive$1,405,88818%732|01,583
1635 Eberhard Street$1,410,0008%132|11,196
150 Alviso Street$1,425,00019%1421|11,360
2002 Gammell Brown Place$1,460,00024%943|02,360
2169 Cabrillo Avenue$1,500,00015%932|01,181
3467 Warburton Avenue$1,500,00015%942|01,464
481 Bellwood Drive$1,527,50027%742|01,859
1331 Via Dondera$1,530,00039%832|01,166
3399 Snively Avenue$1,532,00030%832|01,166
4711 Cheeney Street$1,535,00014%932|11,667
192 N Harold Avenue$1,560,00020%1342|01,350
1343 Maryann Drive$1,580,00032%731|11,313
2467 Hart Avenue$1,580,00026%732|01,235
3440 Bella Vista Avenue$1,585,00032%1232|01,124
2369 Fordham Drive$1,600,0007%1653|02,088
2278 Manhattan Place$1,618,0008%1642|01,801
2356 Harrison Street$1,620,00035%1131|11,368
2270 Lenox Place$1,630,00030%243|02,223
2813 Forbes Avenue$1,630,00017%732|01,499
1738 Higgins Avenue$1,630,00012%132|01,283
2816 Ruth Court$1,660,00011%943|01,613
3501 Eden Drive$1,702,13722%732|01,462
3499 Santa Barbara Avenue$1,720,00032%932|01,212
1950 Santa Rosa Court$1,740,00058%932|01,532
3434 Notre Dame Drive$1,752,00013%1143|01,828
653 Los Olivos Drive$1,780,00027%843|01,862
3356 Villanova Court$1,790,00028%932|01,462
2073 Xavier Court$1,800,00024%032|02,343
3321 Pruneridge Avenue$1,800,00016%1032|01,442
672 Salberg Avenue$1,801,80134%932|01,173
749 Caldwell Place$1,820,00014%632|12,004
2844 Ponderosa Way$1,825,0008%942|11,749
932 Maryann Drive$1,850,00016%732|12,144
3563 Mauricia Avenue$1,858,00033%831|11,064
978 Capitola Way$1,925,00017%843|12,633
2685 Maplewood Lane$1,970,0001%1032|01,971
723 Raney Court$2,000,00029%1263|01,903
2337 Roosevelt Court$2,000,000-2%1453|03,120
3714 Benton Street$2,031,00035%1132|01,378
2850 Mark Avenue$2,052,00024%843|01,926
162 Brian Lane$2,075,00022%832|01,136
1134 Doyle Circle$2,150,00016%643|12,408
3464 Notre Dame Drive$2,200,00014%1054|02,711
4233 Rivermark Parkway$2,260,0003%754|13,044
2892 Mesquite Drive$2,340,00012%042|12,150


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