What’s the difference between remodeled and updated?  I get that question quite often.  To me, the difference between a home that is remodeled and updated is quite clear.

An updated home is a property that has been updated from its original style and amenities to bring it to a more contemporary fashion or style.

A remodeled home on the other hand is a property that has been significantly altered and should have  systems such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling that are contemporary and reflect that of newly built homes.

My latest listing in Darvon Park Santa Clara, is a remodeled home.  This property was remodeled eight years ago.  At that time the property was taken down to the studs and insulation was installed and new wiring and electrical system was installed.  The service was upgraded to 200 AMPs and all the outlets were grounded. In addition all the plumbing was upgraded to copper, a new furnace and air conditioner was installed, and all the windows were changed to dual paned windows, (new construction not retrofit).  Along with the alterations came requirements which stipulated an adherence to new energy saving and safety codes.

The exterior of the home was sheered to add additional stability which if you live in Santa Clara you would understand the significance of this upgrade. Also new stucco and a weep screed was installed around the entire home.  The front of the home was given a new face-lift and a new spanish style clay tile roof was installed.

Take a look to see what a remodeled home looks like.

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