I know its a little late for Christmas, but this has been on my to do list for a while and I’m happy to get it out for you to appreciate it.  First off let me start off by apologizing to those of you in Santa Clara who had decorated your homes and for whatever reason I missed them this year.  I seriously canvased all the neighborhoods I could one night and took photos of all that I could find.  So again if I missed your home I truly apologize.

For those of you whose homes are featured, thank you very much for your hard work in creating these beautiful displays for us to appreciate. As a Santa Clara native myself having experienced Christmas growing up in Santa Clara and witnessing all the decorated Santa Clara homes through the years, it makes it such a special time of year and brings back alot of great memories. I hope you enjoy the video and it reminds you of what a wonderful Holiday you had last year.

Santa Clara Real Estate Guy

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