Dry patches of grass in the summer got your lawn looking ghetto and neighbors starting to give your dirty looks.  Well it may not be due to under watering but an infestation.

Dry Grass Infected with Lawn Grubs My latest listing has a very nice backyard and large lawn area but the grass has a number of dry spots.  I thought it was just a symptom of under watering and could be cured quickly by just adding some minutes to the sprinkler timer and a matter of a few weeks it would be as green as an Irish Spring commercial.

Lucky for me I have a great gardener, Hugo, who I bring in on every listing to spruce up the yard.  When he looked at the lawn he though there could be something else going on underneath.  I wasn’t sure what he was referring too.  However, when he walked over and grabbed a patch of dry grass and just lifted it up he had that Sherlock Holmes look, “Elementary, my dear Vinicius, Elementary…”.

Sure enough he was right, after peeling away a few more sections we found them, lawn grubs.

lawn grubsApparently lawn grubs are these nasty looking worms that eat the roots of your grass which causes it to dry out.  Your lawn could be infected with them and you wouldn’t even know it, unless you looked underneath.

The good news is that this can be treated with some insecticides or there are some more natural solutions too.  The solutions should be used at certain times of the year for them to be more effective.  For more information on lawn grubs and how to combat them check out this site Lawn Grubs.

The bad news is the treatment takes time and your lawn takes time to rebuild its roots.  As for my client, he’s having new sod laid down.


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