I just listed this single family home in Santa Clara.  This is a Bower’s Crest home.  Its a very simple tract home that I feel was well designed and incorporates many details that you want in a single family home.

The issue with many small older tract homes is the design.  Many homes have living areas in the front and bedrooms toward the back of the home.  The doors enter right into the living room, so every time you open your door you feel like the whole neighborhood can see inside the house.  Also many of these smaller homes have a regular door providing access to the backyard and not a sliding glass door.  These homes are generally dark and have tiny kitchens with limited counter space and cabinetry.

Although this Bower’s Crest home doesn’t have a large kitchen by modern standards it offers plenty of work space for two people to prepare a good sized meal and ample cabinetry for storage.  What I also like is the sliding glass door to the back yard which is adjacent to the dining and living area.  This allows for a lot of light to enter making it a fairly bright home, and sliding glass doors are ideal for back yards access.  Believe me, its not common to find sliding glass doors in many small home tracts, next time you are out home shopping see for yourself.

Other desirable tangibles are the three interior closets, the attached garage, and the quiet neighborhood.  I really feel that this is one of the best lower cost neighborhoods in Santa Clara.

Santa Clara Real Estate Guy

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