Hitomi V. – Buyer 470 Muriel Ct, Santa Clara

We first met Vinicius at the Santa Clara Art and Wine festival in 2019. We had been looking for a house for over 2 years, so we were getting desperate and looked for others to help. We started talking with him and described our situation and what we were looking for. He agreed to help us and we signed up for his mailing list. This wasn’t the first time we talked to a real estate agent, but this was the first one who actually asked us more detailed questions outside of the size of the home. This extra level of service allowed him to understand our family better. While, at his initiative, he had sent out hundreds of flyers trying to find us a home, none of those turned to work. A few months later, we get an email that he had found the house we were lookign for. Vinicius through a personal connection found an off-market house that would be perfect for us. It didn’t fit all of our needs, but Vinicius explained the area and how some minor changes to the house could happen. We had lots of detailed discussions on both the macro and micro economic forces involved and what the right price was. Despite the seller and us not initially agreeing on terms, Vinicius worked with everyone involved to help close the deal. His vision on the house, where the market was, and where it was going was spot on. He helped us tremendously buy at the right time, and my kids love the house, the yard, and the neighborhood.

Hitomi V

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