"Vinicius was an absolute pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond more than once"

Where do I begin…
1) Vinicius sold the house across the street from mine in Santa Clara a few years ago. The owner was an elderly woman who bought the house brand new in 1955 and never did an upgrade of any kind. She decided to move back east to be with her daughter after her husband died. The house was very dated, and Vinicius completely renovated the house inside and out. He and his crew were paid out of escrow for this work, meaning the lady didn’t have to come up with the money up front. I kept track of the process, with the result being a beautiful house that sold for much more than she ever dreamed.
2) After seeing how fairly he treated the elderly woman, I decided to use Vinicius as my agent (Feb/March 2017). Likewise, we renovated my entire house and Vinicius was paid only upon sale of the house and again out of escrow.
Vinicius and I jointly decided what to renovate and what no to. Each task was itemized and accounted for in the escrow paperwork…right down to window washing.
His crew has worked for him for years, did a great job, and were very trust worthy.
3) My house had room additions added by the previous owner in the 70’s , which while permitted by the city, was never reported to the county (tax purposes). This had to be addressed before we could list the house with the updated square footage. Vinicius acted as the go between with the city and county…all on his own time. This was straightened out at on Vinicius’ own time at no cost to me.
4) We bought a house in Oregon, contingent on the sale of the Santa Clara house. Our Oregon agent muffed the deal and the house we selected fell through. Vinicius got on the phone with the listing agent and resurrected the deal.

Vinicius was an absolute pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond more than once. I highly recommend him to anyone


Lance K

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