"His professional demeanor and knowledge of the Santa Clara market are second to none."

Vinicius was everything I wanted in an agent. As a lifetime resident of Santa Clara, I had met Vinicius on a few occasions. His professional demeanor and knowledge of the Santa Clara market are second to none. He doesn’t have that salesman feel. Talking to him felt as if I were talking to an old friend. He had solidified in my mind, that if I ever sold my home, I’d call him first. Having close friends who are active agents made this decision a little difficult. But, I wanted an agent that had proven their worth in my neighborhood. Once we agreed on the sale of my home. Vinicius had his team help get my home ready to sell. We set a schedule that worked for me. He was always in contact and made no promises that he couldn’t keep. When a home that had more work done than mine, sold for less than I wanted. I called with concern that I was making a big mistake. Vinicius assured me. He said that the agent that had listed that home was attempting to get more exposure at a low price. He then said, “I don’t know why they started so low. That house could have sold for more”. I believed him. He had current comps and showed me how valuable my house would be in the current market. Vinicius then had a contractor come in and fix my home. It was beautiful. It was so nice I could have stayed. We planned the date to place it on the market and a price to start at. I was sweating bullets the whole time. Vinicius calmly assured me that all was going to plan. That based on the market conditions, lack of competition, and a home that showed like a model. I should get every bit of what I wanted on the low end. When the day came to show my home, one of my neighbors called me. He told me that the whole street was a parking lot. Hundreds of people looked at my house in a week’s time. Vinicius was then able to take the 12 offers we had and whittle them down to 3 really strong options. He created a spreadsheet for me. This made it easy to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each offer side by side. After all was said and done. I got $158,000 more than asking, and everything went exactly as planned all the way to the close date. I can now move on with my new life in another home in another state. I wish I could have taken Vinicius with me to be my buyers’ agent. I firmly believe that you will be happy with Vinicius. At the very least, give him a call. That will give you a good standard to start with.

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