"He went through the pros and cons of selling our house based on our current situation and what we had planned for the future"

Vinicius helped us buy our current home in Santa Clara, CA last year off-market with the vision of remodeling it. It was just a simple and fabulous experience working with him and his team. Now that we have remodeled and settled into our new place, it was time to think whether we wanted to sell the old place or not (in Santa Clara). Vinicius was only person we contacted and he went through the pros and cons of selling our house based on our current situation and what we had planned for the future. We decided to sell the house and chose Vinicius as our representative. Vinicius just sold my Santa Clara home and I must say he exceeded all of our already high expectations. Vinicius came to the house and we made a list of things that needs to he renovated to make selling the house much earlier. We had our contractor do the work (Vinicius also provided a contractor’s quote to do the job) but Vinicius handled all the materials, paint selection that made the house look great. Vinicius used to come often to ensure the work was done properly to his satisfaction. Vinicius and his team did the staging of the house and i have to say to that it is one of the best staging we have seen personally including 3-D view and drone picture capture of the neighborhood. He is extremely professional, great communicator, provided regular photo updates and much more. Vinicius worked with us to arrive a best possible listing price to maximize the traffic for agents and buyers. We had 23+ offers for the house and many more than 300K above asking price. Vinicius worked with us going through the buyers offers, conditions, financial situation to ensure that we accept the best possible offer. We closed the house in 25 days had the entire process was simple with us meeting the notary just once for the entire transaction time. We highly recommend Vinicius to anyone looking to sell or buy a home, as he is simply excellent to do business.

Ragu K

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