"Honest, Knowledgable, Resourceful, Dependable, Trustworthy and can get the job done"

Honest, Knowledgable, Resourceful, Dependable, Trustworthy and can get the job done. Thats what Vinicius was for us in our quest to buy a home in this market where homes you like get a minimum of 10 to 15 offers. He recently helped us buy a Single Family Home. We saw about 150 homes over a period of 6 months before we bought one. And we must have dragged Vinicius to about 20 of those and discussed about another 20 of them.

He prevented us from buying a couple of homes we were smitten by and were willing to do what ever it takes. I remember one of the homes where-in I asked Vinicius to try and pre-empt before the offer deadline. He even knew the listing agent and could have easily done that. But he wasn’t very keen on it because he didn’t believe it was the right home for us irrespective of the offer price – it just showed well to an untrained eye and the emotional state of mind of a home buyer. He is not heavy handed, instead tries to layout all positive and negative aspects of a potential home in front of you. And what each positive and negative means to you. He helps you digest the information and evolve your thinking, rather than telling you what to buy or not to buy. He has the quality of being both subtle and direct at the same time. And thank god I did not buy that home – it was a misfit and I would have deeply regretted it. He did the same with another home, and I am glad I didn’t.

Every transaction is unique and without getting into details, I would say that he worked wonders to get our offer accepted. And in the entire process, he wasn’t pushy at all. He was willing to step back at any time. He was never after “selling” us a home. I find most buyers fear that their agents just want to sell them a home. Which is why it is very important to work with someone you can trust. And Vinicius is absolutely trustworthy. He is also very resourceful. Immediately after getting into a contract, I wanted to perform a home and a specialist inspection and Vinicius arranged for everything within 24 to 48 hours.

Our home needs remodeling. Vinicius got us connected to the right contractors, helped us plan what to address in the immediate short term, what to leave for the future etc. and has taken interest in sharing with him extension plans when we have them.

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