It appears that Laurelwood Elementary is bursting at the seems with kids, and with the new school taking over the current Milikin Campus, something is going to have to give.

Late 2011 the school board met to discuss some changes in to enrollment boundaries affecting Pomeroy, Sutter, and Laurelwood Elementary.  Although no decision has been made and plans to make a decision have be put off to a later date, the proposed plan called for removing certain areas from he Laurelwood Enrollment area.

The area around Kohls shopping center which currently falls under Laurelwood is to be rezoned to Pomeroy Elementary.  Also the Westwood Oaks area that falls under the Santa Clara Unified School district will be moved to Sutter Elementary.  For those of you considering purchases in any of these areas understand that property values are likely to drop if such a move actually occurs.

There has been no talk of these changes affecting the Peterson Middle School boundaries.

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