Proposition 90 allows a homeowner to transfer the base year value of their principal residence in one county to a newly purchased residence in another county providing that certain requirements are met. Only a limited number of counties are participating in Proposition 90.
Proposition 90 Requirements (Santa Clara County):
  • The requirements for Proposition 90 in Santa Clara County are the same as for Proposition 60 except for the following:  
1.  Effective date: November 9, 1988. 
2.  A processing fee of $200 is required. 
  • The effective dates and filing fees vary from county to county. Those property owners interested in transferring the base year value from their principal residence located in Santa Clara County to a newly purchased residence in another county should call that county to make sure that the other county is participating in Proposition 90.
  • The following is a list of those counties which have approved Proposition 90 and will currently accept base year value transfers from other counties.
November 9, 1988 
Los Angeles  
November 9, 1988  
November 9, 1988  
San Diego  
November 9, 1988  
San Mateo  
November 9, 1988  
Santa Clara  
November 9, 1988  
May 4, 1992
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