Currently Santa Clara has 194 Notice of Defaults filled on properties. A notice of default gets filed on a property in Santa Clara County when the owner is behind on the mortgage by 2 or 3 months. This is the first stage of the foreclosure process referred to as pre-foreclosure.

Rivermark Townhome Short Sale
Rivermark Townhome Short Sale

In order remove the notice the owner must make the home current and pay back the mortgage owed.

Newer developments have seen a higher rate of defaults due to the recent sales within the last 5 years of these homes. Home owners are unable to refinance their properties since many owe more than the current market values.

In Rivermark alone there are several short sales and 11 homes that have notices of defaults filed and 7 condo’s in the Miraval Complex. Many of these Rivermark home owners have already engaged in trying to sell their home as a short sale. Others may be attempting to renegotiate with their banks to stay in their houses, others perhaps bracing for foreclosure.

When confronted with this reality the homeowner needs to contact their bank and try to work out a resolution. This is where your persistence will pay off. Lenders seldom give any concessions to anyone let alone a debtor, but if you are persistent and can show hardship and willingness and ability to pay you should be able to modify your loan.

The other avenue is to sell your home short. The process is similar. The bank wants to know your financial situation before it can agree to any deficiency sale. Essentially you have to prove you can no longer afford your home or that you are forced to sell due to relocation or some other factor.

Both of these options have become more viable to home owners, so their is no reason why homeowners should be foreclosing these days.

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