There were 36 single family homes sold in Santa Clara in December of 2016. The highest priced sale was $1,785,000 and lowest price home sold was $710,000. Average days on market were 23.9 and median days on market were 14.5 days. Average price of a home in Santa Clara is now $1,124,583.

Street AddressPriceDOMBDBASq. Ft.Lot Size
2717 Estella$1,785,0001242|01,7117,956 SqFt
111 Brian Lane$1,700,000943|01,7666,076 SqFt
1973 Worthington Circle$1,640,000253|02,3903,513 SqFt
446 Giannini Drive$1,634,0002442|02,1036,364 SqFt
171 Muir Avenue$1,600,0001153|01,8537,200 SqFt
58 Michael Way$1,418,000531|11,3246,300 SqFt
3166 Ryan Avenue$1,400,000742|01,4986,161 SqFt
4206 Tobin Circle$1,325,000842|12,0362,930 SqFt
3554 Butcher Drive$1,300,000932|01,39210,354 SqFt
3035 Mckinley Drive$1,280,000032|01,1276,100 SqFt
3544 Wolf Place$1,230,0001143|11,9931,960 SqFt
4317 Watson Circle$1,225,0001033|11,6571,825 SqFt
1452 Heatherdale Avenue$1,195,0002542|01,4827,564 SqFt
3096 Forbes Avenue$1,140,0005732|01,6026,370 SqFt
2751 Barcells Avenue$1,120,0001532|01,3265,301 SqFt
3553 Golden State Drive$1,080,0001132|01,3735,000 SqFt
1640 Market Street$1,075,0001532|02,1497,501 SqFt
1136 Block Drive$1,070,0005632|01,5616,042 SqFt
3505 Pruneridge Avenue$1,063,0001832|01,0256,020 SqFt
2941 Mark Avenue$1,030,0001132|01,0688,900 SqFt
4695 Armour Drive$985,00010753|02,2865,998 SqFt
2715 Bonnie Drive$975,0005032|01,7156,000 SqFt
1272 Market Street$970,0004032|01,5606,178 SqFt
2121 Santa Cruz Avenue$951,0003032|01,0785,001 SqFt
2357 Warburton Avenue$950,0001432|01,1515,940 SqFt
2338 Menzel Place$940,0001832|01,4855,942 SqFt
1995 Stanley Avenue$929,0003732|01,1306,530 SqFt
3103 Cabrillo Avenue$910,0002432|01,0785,253 SqFt
2212 San Antonio Place$910,000832|01,0785,049 SqFt
2242 bowers Avenue$905,000032|01,2076,500 SqFt
628 San Miguel Avenue$900,00011022|01,0805,401 SqFt
1771 Roll Street$850,0001031|01,0216,268 SqFt
2626 Glade Drive$825,0003031|08975,300 SqFt
1928 Bellomy Street$750,0001731|01,2646,500 SqFt
1851 Chestnut Street$715,0003931|01,1345,001 SqFt
2624 Pebble Beach Drive$710,0001321|07545,401 SqFt
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