There were 64 single family homes sold in Santa Clara in September of 2017, down from 67 in August.  Sellers continue to receive record prices for their homes with the highest priced sale being $2,425,000 and lowest price home sold for $740,000.  Average days on market were 15 and median days on market 10.   The average price of a home sold in September 2017 is now $1.336M with an average price per sq. ft of $878.  Of the 64 homes sold in September, 52 of them sold for more than asking price and 21 of them were $200K over asking.  The growth in Santa Clara is unprecedented and since inventory has decreased, we are seeing multiple offers.  Homes that are priced right continue to sell quickly for record prices.  If you are considering selling your home contact me and we can sit down and discuss your options and outline a plan, now is the time.

Check out your Santa Clara Home Value.

Street AddressPrice% OverDOMBDBASq Ft Total
2095 Main Street$740,000-11%1441|01,285
4121 Davis Street$800,0002%2121|0861
1061 Kiely Boulevard$905,0001%1231|01,150
1411 Jackson Street$970,00019%921|01,040
880 Keith Ln $980,0000% 42|01,314
880 Keith Lane$980,0000%1442|01,314
3475 Butcher Drive$995,0002%132|01,298
1735 Franck Avenue$1,000,00010%931|01,032
1820 Nelson Dr $1,010,0002% 42|01,167
594 Saratoga Avenue$1,030,0008%1031|01,246
843 Laurie Avenue$1,030,0003%743|01,587
985 Las Palmas Drive$1,050,000-2%2832|01,166
2359 Gianera Street$1,075,0007%1442|01,584
2187 Kingsbury Circle$1,080,0008%2032|11,400
3477 Warburton Avenue$1,111,0001%6432|01,195
3639 Macgregor Lane$1,115,5256%1463|01,734
2190 Esperanca Avenue$1,120,00012%1232|11,400
710 Hamilton Lane$1,120,0004%331|0900
517 Woodstock Way$1,135,00012%932|01,312
2356 Harrison Street$1,150,00017%2831|11,347
793 Park Court$1,150,00013%642|01,357
1660 Eberhard Street$1,155,0009%1631|01,021
2349 Forbes Avenue$1,170,00010%631|01,360
1853 Clifford Street$1,180,00019%831|01,005
1970 Francis Avenue$1,180,0007%532|01,289
541 Hilmar Street$1,190,000-5%2832|01,475
4473 Cheeney Street$1,220,000-2%2443|01,926
2161 Monterey Avenue$1,255,67820%532|01,078
2381 Cabrillo Avenue$1,275,00022%331|01,020
4560 Cheeney Street$1,282,0008%1442|11,705
4321 Watson Circle$1,290,0005%833|01,590
615 Malarin Avenue$1,300,00017%1032|01,466
2396 Pilot Knob Drive$1,300,0008%542|01,518
2018 Los Padres Boulevard$1,308,00020%732|01,400
622 Robin Drive$1,325,0006%1232|12,130
4142 Davis Street$1,350,0000%2632|01,882
2203 Rosita Avenue$1,355,0008%1032|01,525
2874 Holmes Place$1,370,0001%432|11,939
3030 Santa Maria Avenue$1,377,99913%843|01,878
2572 Patricia Drive$1,378,0000%4932|11,744
3021 Mark Avenue$1,380,00013%1032|01,405
2368 Menzel Place$1,400,00024%832|01,243
2545 Hayward Drive$1,400,00011%1553|01,868
2238 Rita Court$1,451,00010%532|01,561
3534 Cabrillo Avenue$1,468,00015%1542|01,585
669 Barto Street$1,500,00023%742|01,127
2087 Hoover Drive$1,500,0000%7942|11,990
3171 Cecil Avenue$1,520,00015%732|12,099
3049 Harding Avenue$1,520,0008%1032|01,240
2624 Pebble Beach Drive$1,530,00022%2243|01,850
3031 Humbolt Avenue$1,600,0009%532|12,183
3540 Butcher Drive$1,628,0002%1742|02,271
98 Muir Avenue$1,635,00017%032|01,400
3130 Via Siena Place$1,658,00013%632|11,762
563 Hickory Court$1,660,00010%1032|01,442
894 Pepper Tree Court$1,702,88814%1042|12,612
377 Montclair Drive$1,710,00118%1032|01,284
2344 Cabrillo Ave $1,720,000-2% 43|02,404
2344 Cabrillo Avenue$1,720,000-2%3643|02,404
2844 Concord Lane$1,724,52213%832|12,160
3678 Magellan Avenue$1,781,50010%842|01,350
1008 Teal Drive$1,955,00021%842|01,776
966 Wren Court$2,150,0007%7843|12,648
249 Bel Ayre Drive$2,425,000-3%1055|14,425

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