This adorable Bowers Crest home sold recently. After being on the market for just over a week, it received multiple offers, but due to the condition of the home sold lower than asking. The home needed a heating system and had a cracked chimney as well as there were some areas were sloping floors were quite noticeable, typical for this area in homes that have been neglected and not just akin to this specific home.

Inspite of those defects the home had some nice clean finishes, new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, new shower and tub enclosures in the bathrooms, and refinished hardwood floors.

Many people are not aware of this jewel of a neighborhood. The homes here are simple and small, but have very function floor plans, and feature 2 baths where comparable size homes may only feature one bath. Another aspect of these homes is that they have a sliding glass door to the back patio and yard and a full 2 car garage. Couple this with a quiet and isolated neighborhood and you have many features that buyer’s look for in a home.

One of the main drawbacks is the size of these Santa Clara homes. At around 1,078 sqft. most people are not too pleased with the size of the bedrooms and the master bathroom. Generally these homes for the price of other comparably priced homes in Santa Clara offer more and I feel they are a better value.

I have seen several remodels involving additions where the owners have opened up the kitchens and have created very functional spaces out of these homes.

2154 San Rafael Ave., Santa Clara
3 Bedroom 2 Baths
1,078 Sqft
5000 Sqft Lot
2 Car Garage

Sold for $514,000

Santa Clara Real Estate Guy

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