There were 14 single family homes sold in Santa Clara in January of 2017. The highest priced sale was $1,400,000 and lowest price home sold was $725,000. Average days on market were 22.4 and median days on market were 12.5 days. The average price of a home in Santa Clara is now $1,040643 with an average price per sq. ft of $739.  Inventory is low, if you are considering selling your home now is the time to do it.

Street AddressPriceDOMBedsBathsSq Ft TotalLot Size
351 Rosemont Drive$1,400,000232|01,4976,120 SqFt
351 Kohner Court$1,298,0002552|01,9599,879 SqFt
3459 Flora Vista Avenue$1,280,000853|02,0696,363 SqFt
2116 Bailey Place$1,260,0001142|11,9023,187 SqFt
3445 Cabrillo Avenue$1,060,0002832|01,2406,325 SqFt
590 Camino Drive$1,050,0004131|11,5846,482 SqFt
2071 Bowers Avenue$973,0001332|01,5325,500 SqFt
4705 Armour Drive$945,0002842|01,1675,998 SqFt
2223 Pruneridge Avenue$935,0006431|01,0755,702 SqFt
3461 San Marcos Way$931,000632|01,2125,656 SqFt
3033 Fresno Street$930,000631|01,1207,500 SqFt
875 Monroe Street$920,0006031|11,4005,046 SqFt
968 Sunset Drive$862,0001231|01,3376,206 SqFt
1187 Reed Street$725,0001031|09795,375 SqFt

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