Santa Clara schools have done it again.  For the second year schools have improved their API scores.  A good indication that the quality of Santa Clara public school education is improving.

 Notable improvements are Bracher Elementary which improved another 32 points this year and is now almost 900.  Sutter Elementary also improved 30 points and is at 890 points.  Both high schools also improved over 30 points each.  Don Callejon, the only K through 8th school in the district is in the mid 800’s.  I think this trend will contine as time progresses.

Elementary Schools  
  Bowers Elementary 830789
  Bracher Elementary 894862
  Braly Elementary 842834
  Briarwood Elementary 794797
  C. W. Haman Elementary 798797
  Don Callejon 842798
  George Mayne Elementary 811816
  Kathryn Hughes Elementary 813779
  Laurelwood Elementary 921902
  Millikin Elementary 999989
  Montague Elementary 791761
  Pomeroy Elementary 781797
  Ponderosa Elementary 855849
  Scott Lane Elementary 739742
  Sutter Elementary 890854
  Washington Elementary 880891
  Westwood Elementary 785790
Middle Schools  
  Buchser Middle 785750
  Downtown College Prep Alviso 659603*
  Juan Cabrillo Middle 757748
  Marian A. Peterson Middle 853850
High Schools  
  Adrian Wilcox High 770731
  Santa Clara High 760734
  Wilson Alternative 540584
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