Building a Business

I met Robert over 15 years ago when I stopped by his some and introduced myself as a new agent who was just breaking into the market.

Robert wasn’t interested in selling at the time, but was polite and wished me good luck.  

I didn’t know it at the time, but Robert was a machinist and he had dreamed of owning his own shop.  When the economy was in shambles in 2010 Robert took a big risk, he bought a building in Santa Clara for his machine shop. It was a dream he always had. He wasn’t sure how he was going to make it work, but Robert believed he could do it.

The economy eventually recovered but as a business owner he still encountered tough times- making payroll and struggling to operate in a very competitive market.  With hard work and long nights Robert kept his business going while raising a family in Santa Clara.  

A Great Opportunity

As the economy improved home values started to increase rapidly in the valley.  A well known developer in the area was starting to buy up land around his shop, and made Robert a great offer for his property.  Robert decided to sell and retire.  

With the money Robert made from the sale he invested in rentals to create a stream of income for his retirement.  But that didn’t leave him with much money left over, and the need invest in some of the newly acquired properties Robert found himself in a cash crunch.

Robert was planning on leaving the area and finding some land where he could build a home and a shop to finally enjoy machining for his own projects.  With his current situation he needed to work on getting his home sold for a certain price, all while planning for his expenditures and new home.

Before and After Video

We Meet Again

Growing up in Santa Clara, Robert knew lots of people and some of his friends were real estate agents.  Feeling stressed and like he was in a bind, Robert didn’t want to leave anything to chance.  He felt he needed to talk to someone who really was active selling homes in his area and knew the market, and that’s when he reached out to me.

The market at the time was softening and prices were dropping.  Another challenge that we faced was that Robert’s home was outdated. Owning a machine shop and raising a family didn’t leave him with much money left over to do updates or maintenance.

It was clear to Robert and I that the home would need some updates in order to sell for top value.  With very little cash, Robert wasn’t sure how he would be able to pay for the improvements. Also with the current market he was not confident that even after the updates his home would sell for a price that would enable him to accomplish his objectives.

I advised Robert not to worry about that cost.  That our Complete Selling Solution, would handle all the updates and that he could pay for the costs out of escrow.

We needed to get started planning on what needed to be done on the home, do the inspections, and get the estimates for the work so that when the time was right we would be in a better position to get the home sold. 

Our Complete Selling Solution handles everything a seller needs to get their home ready for the market and achieve the highest return possible.

Planning and Getting Ready to Sell

After getting the inspections done we had a good road map of what needed to be fixed.

Robert had already scheduled for his roof to be replaced, but I encouraged him to wait until we received the termite inspection. There was a over $20,000 in termite damage, a good amount of that pertained to the roof.  With the termite report in hand I met with the roofer and identified what areas on the roof needed replacement or repair.  

As we progressed into Fall I noticed that the market was improving for sellers. There were less homes on the market and mortgage rates had been dropping.  There were also a couple of sales in the area that were good comparables.

Based on previous experience with the market , I believed that listing the home at the beginning of the year was going to be better than the end of the year. Robert and I set up a schedule for the repairs and updates and went to work in early December expecting to have the home on the market in mid January.


A Big Success for Our Client

Once Robert moved out, our team took over and managed all the repairs and updates.  Our in-house stager got work getting the home staged.  

Marketing department got the photos, 3D virtual tour, property video, and brochure completed and we listed the home on schedule. 

At the beginning of the year there were only 5 homes on the market and the market was poised for some considerable appreciation.   

We scheduled a broker tour, twilight tour and open houses.  Within a week we had 15 offers and sold the home $100K over what Robert was hoping to sell for.  


A New Life

Robert now spends his time supervising the construction of his new home and shop in Nevada.  He is excited to move all his equipment into his new shop and finally be able to work on his projects and enjoy his retirement.  

Working with Robert was a great experience.  He was open and honest about what he needed. I wanted to make sure that that market was right and that my team and I would be able to make the dream a reality.  

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