It’s never the best case to sell a home that has inhabitants.  Usually, you want to portray your listings as fresh and new, as if it has never been lived in.  Well, that’s not always possible, especially when it is being lived in.

That shouldn’t stop you, the agent and the owner, from working together in order to achieve the goal of making a home look its best.  Generally, there is some inconvenience on both parts, the sellers and the agent.  Seller’s have to endure the de-cluttering, repositioning of furniture, painting, staging, and the incessant compulsion to keep everything clean and in its place.  The agent, on the other hand, has to coordinate between the seller, the stager, the painter, and ultimately get the home listed without losing the listing in the process.

Its certainly possible, and what makes it work are the common goals of the agent and the seller to get the home sold quickly and at a good price.  With every home or listing that I come into contact, that ultimately is my mantra.  To convince the sellers, if they don’t already believe it, that a home that shows well, sells quickly and for top market value.  Those who are aware of it and just can’t fathom how to get their home into selling shape, well that’s where my next talent comes into play.

We go through room by room and address the areas that need attention. We talk about timelines and costs, and ultimately develop a plan.  Its never easy, but the end result is always appreciated.  Clients usually are astonished by the difference, and happy they listened to me.

My latest listing on Sloat Court in Santa Clara was a good example of how a home that has been lived in can be made to look at like a model home.

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