Two years ago, my wife and I started looking at houses in the South Bay.  I asked my friend who had recently purchased his Santa Clara home for a buyers agent recommendation and his answer was:  Vinicius Brasil.

We looked at our first houses in the South Bay with V in January of 2008.   Before V took us out house hunting, he made us sit through this cheesy (sorry V) Coldwell Banker slide show.  It was all very professional of course,  but I’m an engineer.  Marketing presentations aren’t really for me.  All I could think about was getting out on the hunt.  Little did I know how long that hunt would take and how honest, helpful, and hard working V would be for us.

Going out house hunting with V in the South Bay is an awesome experience.  He knows the neighborhoods well:  names, school districts, and general quality.   I didn’t even know neighborhoods had names, but apparently they do:  Birdland, Kilarney Farms, Forest Park…  V was our tour guide through them all.  He has a keen sense for what to look for in a house, where the problems likely are, and definitely steered us away from more houses than he could have.  One such house, my wife and I found on a weekend Open House hunt without V.  When we asked him to show us the house again mid-week, V happily met us there but had an unusual frown on his face.  He covered his nose and said, I just want to prepare you… this house has a bit of a smell in it.  It only got worse from there.  All of the quirks that we overlooked or underestimated about the house were quickly brought into view thanks to V.  As we left the house, he said, I like you guys.  I don’t want to sell you a crummy house like this, you guys are nice people, you deserve a nice house.  I will find one for you.

Fast forward two years later, by the time we found the house we ended up purchasing, we had been in failed contract twice (one for unexpected foundation issues totally 20% of the value of the house, and the other was a missed appraisal and a crazy seller).  V had the connections to prevent us from making a bad decision.  He knew quality inspectors, had a good knack for negotiating, and in all took a tremendous amount of his time to sit down with us and go over every inch of the 3 houses we were in contract on.

Honestly, I didn’t know how much of a superstar agent V was until my housemate overheard V going over the disclosures on one of the houses we were about to put an offer on.  My housemate explained that in his experiences with agents, they simply send you the paperwork and documentation and you’re left mostly on your own to figure things out.  Not so with V.

After putting up with us for 2 years, V kept his word.  He found us a house in one of the neighborhoods we thought we could never afford.  Part of it was luck, part of it was skill, but all of our satisfaction with how the transaction and house hunt went came down to how thorough, patient, and knowledgeable Vinicius is.  Thanks Vinicius!

For any of you considering V as an agent, look no further.  He will treat you well, he wants clients for life.  He has certainly earned our trust, friendship, and a five star Yelp Rating!

See Actual Review on YELP.COM:—coldwell-banker-santa-clara#hrid:Ghd7yJukdPN4xjlIAIA_fA

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