Its like the story of the twins separated at birth, OK not quite, but still interesting.

In 1958 the first Killarney Farms neighborhood was developed in Santa Clara by Lacey and White, and was located near Lawrence Expressway and Monroe Street. These homes are unique to any neighborhood due to their distinctive barn garages, which back in 1958 was an additional option. These homes featured pier and post foundations, two car garages, central heating, aluminum framed windows, and ranged in size from 1,100 sqft. to 1,700 sqft. for the largest model.

Three years later Lacey and White acquired land near Pomeroy and Forbes (referred to as Whitney at the time). They maintained some of the same distinctive features like the barn roofs and some of the popular side entrance floor plans. They also added some newer and larger floor plans along with some modifications to existing floor plans. One change they incorporated from the suggestion of owners of the previous development was a wider family room from the original model.

Also they removed the smallest 1,078  floor plan and added two floor plans with over 2,000 sqft. of living area.  The builders also preserved the same naming convention for the streets which are inspired by the names of Universities like Harvard, Camberidge, Vanderbilt, Gonzaga and Notre Dame.

The main difference between the two Killarney Farms neighborhoods is the school enrollement areas.  The older Killarney Farms feeds into Briarwood Elementary while the newer tract feeds into Sutter.

As far as Santa Clara homes are concerned they are some of the best built homes in the area.  In an area like Santa Clara which is affected by expansive soil, I hardly ever encounter a Killarney Farms home with foundation issues or any irregular sloping.

So if you are looking for  a well built home, consider Killarney Farms.

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