We hired Vinicius Brasil after reviewing several of the top agents in the area.  In his presentation to us Vinicius presented himself as an agent that has learned how to use technology to his benefit in many ways.  His flyers were unquestionably the best we reviewed.  They offered large pictures of the property and key benefits as well.  Vinicius does his own virtual tours and clearly understands that in todays real estate market good quality pictures are the door to sales.  His shots of the house were outstanding.

There were several other factors though that led to our final decision to work with him.  He is very dedicated to positioning his properties high on the search engines facilitating more hits and inquiries on our house.  As we got to know Vinicius we learned that he has a great understanding of what it takes to get high search engine page ranks both through his sharing and through the page ranks of his web sites.  Vinicius helped us with the staging of our house and the evidence of his successes there were in the frequent remarks we heard about how well our house showed by both visitors and other agents.

He went as far as to rent furniture that better suited the spaces we had on HIS dime.  I am not sure what this cost but he rented furniture and staging props for the entire house including the refurnishing of one complete room.  How many Realtor would go through this expense to make sure our house looked as perfect as possible?
I found Vinicius’ character to be flawless.  A Realtor needs flawless character to build trust which he did.
The one issue I had with him is that he occasionally had the tendency to be late for appointments we scheduled but after reviewing his website I came to the conclusion that this may be a good thing (kind of).  The sign of a good Realtor is that he or she is busy with lots of activities, many of those related to the sale of my house.  Vinicius always had several listings (as a customer of his he announced new listings frequently) during the time of my listing.  It was also in the prime sales time.  Considering all the factors this was a relatively minor concern as he was always timely when it was important.
In the end we didn’t sell our house but that was more a function of the current mortgage crisis than the Realtor efforts as we had several qualified offers including the very first people to look at our house.  The buyers were each qualified well but the end of the home sales season and the delays due to the fickle mortgage industry today were the culprits.  We fully expect that we will be able sell our house during the next home sales season in 2010 if that is the path we feel we still need to go.  If we do go back to sell our house we will list it with Vinicius Brasil.  I consider him a competent and qualified real estate agent.

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