There were 46 single family homes sold in Santa Clara in December of 2017.  Sellers continue to receive record prices for their homes with the highest priced sale being $2,600,000 and lowest price home sold for $800,000.  Average days on market were 12.4 and median days on market 9.   The average price of a home sold in December 2017 is now $1.473M ($1.435 MEDIAN) with an average price per sq. ft of $942  ($894 MEDIAN).  Of the 46 homes sold in December, 43 of them sold for more than asking price.  The very low inventory for the season has resulted in a very unbalanced market.  We are seeing multiple offers virtually on all homes.  Homes that are priced right continue to sell quickly for record prices.  If you are considering selling your home contact me and we can sit down and discuss your options and outline a plan, now is the time.


Street AddressSale Price% OverDOMBDBASq Ft Total
2101 Main Street$800,0007%5931|0985
2537 Pilot Knob Drive$1,039,50030%131|0897
1095 Madison Street$1,050,000-12%7131|01,560
654 Malarin Avenue$1,060,00018%621|0836
2624 Landslide Court$1,085,00026%932|0957
1730 Franck Avenue$1,101,00013%442|01,455
2380 Forbes Avenue$1,150,00021%832|01,291
1137 Fairfield Avenue$1,150,00010%122|01,348
527 Woodstock Way$1,175,00012%042|01,666
1447 Las Palmas Drive$1,200,90021%831|01,354
418 Greenwood Drive$1,280,00019%1142|01,666
2337 Silveria Court$1,280,000-1%932|01,434
2028 Staats Way$1,312,5001%932|01,314
2334 Glendenning Avenue$1,325,00010%732|01,466
2335 Alcalde Street$1,325,000-5%1642|01,584
771 Hilmar Street$1,330,00021%1121|11,465
3342 Granada Avenue$1,350,00017%932|01,326
493 Clarkwood Court$1,368,00021%842|01,666
1362 Mcpherson Street$1,370,00052%832|01,166
2124 San Antonio Place$1,400,00022%1332|01,078
2637 Donovan Avenue$1,400,0008%931|11,415
1132 Maryann Drive$1,420,00019%932|01,886
1920 Main Street$1,430,00019%1432|01,309
2080 Juliana Court$1,440,00011%632|01,609
1059 Madison Street$1,450,00022%822|02,658
2357 Stanford Place$1,450,00021%832|01,425
3411 Rayanna Avenue$1,455,00046%531|01,154
1251 Las Palmas Drive$1,466,0005%4732|01,393
1093 Sunlite Drive$1,470,0007%2032|01,723
2560 Warburton Avenue$1,472,00013%2052|01,852
619 Salberg Avenue$1,500,00025%832|01,450
2820 Fargher Drive$1,500,00025%932|12,095
2543 Borax Drive$1,560,00043%542|01,489
2285 Lenox Place$1,595,00010%742|12,086
1763 Los Padres Boulevard$1,675,0005%1243|02,531
3097 Carleton Place$1,680,00011%142|01,760
3054 Harding Avenue$1,730,00073%732|01,024
148 Bel Ayre Drive$1,758,00018%932|02,091
2377 Arlene Drive$1,760,00021%1643|02,090
3631 Randolph Avenue$1,820,0008%932|01,284
3126 Via Siena Place$1,842,0008% 42|11,957
3481 Eden Drive$1,950,0008%1143|02,523
173 Claremont Avenue$2,000,0001%1842|01,918
3705 Pruneridge Avenue$2,050,0003%1653|02,786
1030 Brackett Way$2,165,0008%043|12,645
311 Madrone Avenue$2,600,0008%1453|02,460


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