2018 April Home Sales for Santa Clara saw 50 single family homes sold in Santa Clara. Sellers continue to receive record prices for their homes with the highest priced sale being $2,608,999 and lowest price home sold for $1,030,000.  Average days on market were 11.6 and median days on market 9. The average price of a home sold in April 2018 was $1.643M ($1.625 MEDIAN) with an average price per sq. ft of $1,050.29 ($1,049.67 MEDIAN). Of the 50 homes sold in March, 48 of them sold for more than asking price. The very low inventory for the season has resulted in a very unbalanced market. We are seeing multiple offers on virtually all homes. Homes that are priced right continue to sell quickly for record prices. If you are considering selling your home, contact me and we can sit down and discuss your options and outline a plan, now is the time.

Street AddressPrice% OverDOMBDBASq Ft
2205 Denise Drive$2,608,9995%13654|03,132
4289 Rivermark Parkway$2,400,0000%042|13,044
3393 Cecil Avenue$2,350,0007%2265|04,900
4226 Rivermark Parkway$2,325,00011%032|13,044
4242 Rivermark Parkway$2,167,00014%742|12,627
480 Luther Drive$2,070,0009%842|12,268
2241 Menzel Place$1,980,000-1%1143|12,979
472 Muriel Court$1,950,00030%832|01,442
728 Valley Court$1,930,00021%943|01,721
163 Claremont Avenue$1,920,00013%632|01,292
641 Clara Vista Avenue$1,860,00017%733|01,780
3034 Alexander Avenue$1,815,00014%942|01,612
1177 Fairfield Avenue$1,805,00020%842|12,601
2951 Jerald Avenue$1,788,00029%332|11,534
2334 Fatjo Place$1,770,0004%1142|01,717
1689 Hood Court$1,765,00036%932|01,170
1727 Cunningham Street$1,750,00025%1532|01,421
1772 Roll Street$1,750,0004%2143|01,944
1910 Homestead Road$1,750,00030%731|11,917
3487 Santa Barbara Avenue$1,728,00017%932|01,124
3128 Fresno Street$1,726,00019%532|01,314
2420 Marmon Court$1,725,00023%942|01,836
3591 Forest Avenue$1,650,00011%1232|01,350
2574 Amethyst Drive$1,650,00038%1253|01,478
2113 Bohannon Drive$1,625,00014%642|01,777
1174 Fremont Street$1,625,000-4%2154|02,849
616 Pomeroy Avenue$1,625,0002%1553|02,162
3735 Pinewood Place$1,570,00021%932|01,312
2124 Talia Avenue$1,570,00012%1432|01,489
1807 Henning Place$1,550,00011%1143|12,406
2313 Augusta Place$1,550,00048%832|01,095
4474 Cheeney Street$1,500,00020%932|01,542
933 Las Palmas Drive$1,490,00019%932|01,166
2360 Raggio Avenue$1,450,0004%042|01,662
2233 Emmett Court$1,450,0009%032|01,368
2424 Park Avenue$1,450,0007%1742|11,848
2609 Castello Way$1,380,0006%932|01,635
270 N Westridge Drive$1,380,0008%332|01,234
547 Chapman Court$1,355,00025%832|01,394
1681 Triton Court$1,350,10113%2132|12,088
2473 Borax Drive$1,350,00042%832|0955
1962 Graham Lane$1,313,00040%731|11,021
3318 Granada Avenue$1,300,0000%333|01,565
1773 Cabrillo Avenue$1,300,00037%931|0985
2107 Calabazas Boulevard$1,280,00011%1532|01,078
880 Keith Lane$1,248,0005%442|01,314
4144 Cheeney Street$1,096,66622%821|01,001
1635 Main Street$1,050,00024%621|0651
2076 Agnew Road$1,040,00016%922|0937
1442 Main Street$1,030,00014%821|0627

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