Santa Clara Home Sales August 2018

2018 Santa Clara August home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 54 single family homes that closed escrow, a slight decrease from of the low 56 homes sold in July.  Traditionally August can be the slowest month of the year for real estate in the area.  Average days on market increased a whole week to 25 days from 18 the prior month, and median days increased to 16 from 12. The average price of a home sold in July 2018 was $1.458M which is about $40K lower than last month’s figure of $1.498M and $140k lower than the previous month at $1.594M. The Median price a home sold was $1.480M, which is $11K above July’s median price. Average cost per square foot dipped below $1000 per sqft. to $987. Of the 54 homes sold in June, 34 sold over asking on average 4.2% over asking compared to 7% over asking in the previous month. The most interesting aspect is that only 37 new listings were added in August. Consequentially inventory fell significantly from the prior month a total of 17 homes or close to 25%. Prices have settled a bit further down and activity is still slow (remember August is typically a slow month).  However, if buying activity picks up in the fall look for the market tighten as inventory decreases and prices may even increase a bit from where we are now.  Buyers expect multiple offers coming up ahead.  Seller’s the fall and winter may be good markets to sell in and get better pricing than the last two months.

Street AddressList PriceSale PriceDOMBDBASq FtAge
1165 Pomeroy Avenue$1,295,000$1,188,0003932|01,20869
1196 Phillips Court$1,365,000$1,300,0003722|01,00062
1217 Harrison Street$1,589,000$1,620,000843|01,816148
1235 Benton Street$828,000$782,80012021|084090
1426 Newhall Street$1,299,950$1,325,0003132|01,41272
1470 Lincoln Street$1,398,000$1,511,000932|11,94111
1687 Roll Street$1,599,000$1,520,0001432|01,42767
172 N Henry Avenue$1,999,888$2,000,0003442|02,32567
1767 Pomeroy Avenue$1,649,888$1,650,0002942|01,46464
1809 Henning Place$1,299,000$1,285,0005632|11,96020
1850 Briarwood Drive$1,599,888$1,561,0001532|01,60864
1865 Washington St$995,000$1,020,0001231|01,15573
189 Gilbert Avenue$2,088,888$2,060,0002632|01,82060
2037 Jamison Place$1,498,000$1,650,000843|02,09425
2061 Nobili Avenue$1,388,000$1,458,0002342|01,24062
2065 Don Court$995,000$1,135,000931|098564
208 Cronin Drive$1,698,888$1,728,0005532|01,38860
2127 Santa Cruz Ave$1,220,000$1,220,000032|01,07863
2148 Forbes Avenue$1,155,000$1,155,000031|098067
2177 Augusta Place$1,198,000$1,410,000932|01,09560
2210 Brown Avenue$1,388,000$1,480,0001432|01,53660
2211 De Paul Place$1,475,000$1,680,000742|01,86460
2221 Sutter Avenue$1,495,000$1,500,0002442|01,35063
2301 Alcalde Street$1,650,000$1,735,000953|02,32621
2440 Benton Street$1,250,000$1,285,0003032|01,13463
2525 Armstrong Place$900,000$980,0003432|01,34061
2554 Elliot Court$1,299,000$1,312,0001832|01,19156
2609 Elliot Street$1,488,000$1,525,000942|01,31559
2682 Wallace Street$1,405,000$1,300,0003042|11,60263
2820 Pruneridge Ave$1,950,000$1,958,0009643|02,05943
2892 Sycamore Way$1,799,000$1,725,0002242|11,74958
2969 Withrow Place$1,338,000$1,350,0003632|01,33962
317 Montclair Drive$1,799,000$1,715,0001442|11,74061
322 Madrone Avenue$1,798,000$1,980,000642|11,74955
3330 Cecil Avenue$1,519,000$1,500,0002032|01,41066
3374 Gonzaga Place$1,450,000$1,570,000832|01,33260
3447 Bella Vista Ave$1,298,888$1,575,000832|01,21264
3572 Gibson Avenue$1,400,000$1,580,0001532|01,80061
3729 De La Cruz Blvd$1,150,000$1,210,0001142|01,74551
445 N Cypress Avenue$1,338,800$1,275,0003231|01,07566
4516 Lakeshore Dr$1,200,000$1,162,0001142|11,85041
4626 Lakeshore Drive$1,359,950$1,360,0007542|01,58441
4634 Mangrum Drive$1,188,000$1,270,0001642|01,16758
4668 Wilcox Avenue$1,348,000$1,445,0003642|11,68520
4703 Mangrum Drive$1,075,000$1,250,000742|01,70758
526 Madison Street$995,000$1,200,0001532|01,32858
613 Malarin Avenue$1,249,888$1,230,0003931|098067
631 Woodhams Road$1,599,000$1,600,0004243|02,06757
67 Cabot Avenue$1,488,000$1,600,000942|02,1578
683 Starr Court$1,495,000$1,660,000832|01,14563
861 Clyde Avenue$1,088,000$1,100,0003142|01,31457
902 Pomeroy Avenue$1,895,000$1,775,0006243|02,43011
981 Civic Center Drive$1,038,000$1,318,000532|11,35313
991 Fairfield Avenue$1,499,000$1,520,0004331|11,60265

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