2018 Santa Clara July home sales consisted of 56 single family homes sold in Santa Clara, a decrease from of the 65 homes sold in June. The slow market continues as homes are taking longer to sell. Average days on market increased to 18 from 15 and median days on market remains at 12. The average price of a home sold in July 2018 was $1.498 which is about $100K lower than last month’s figure of $1.594M and $160k lower than the previous month at $1.652M. The Median price a home sold was $1.469M, about $90K less than June’s median price. Of the 56 homes sold in June, 43 sold over asking on average 7% over asking compared to 6% over asking in the previous month and 12% the month prior. Keep in mind of the homes that are not selling and sitting on the market. Prices have obviously dropped and activity is noticeably slower, but inventory is also dropping so it will be interesting to see how buyers respond to less home buying options.

Street AddressList PriceSale PriceDOMBDBASq Ft
736 Fairlane Avenue$1,000,000$1,275,0001232|01,330
2143 Warburton Avenue$1,049,000$1,388,970831|01,021
1700 Fremont Street, #1702$1,095,900$1,200,0001121|0869
3097 San Juan Avenue$1,098,000$1,500,2001132|01,095
2338 Park Avenue$1,100,000$1,150,000932|01,421
3343 Vincent Drive$1,100,000$1,300,000532|01,357
3729 De La Cruz Blvd$1,150,000$1,210,0001042|01,745
2179 Brown Avenue$1,195,000$1,351,0001032|01,034
1744 Pomeroy Avenue$1,198,000$1,300,0001032|01,080
1151 Kiely Boulevard$1,200,000$1,100,0001332|01,167
2819 Agate Drive$1,200,000$1,100,0002231|01,144
1585 Newhall Street$1,248,888$1,058,0004732|01,592
3050 Santa Maira Ave$1,249,990$1,400,000432|01,078
1423 Blackfield Drive$1,265,000$1,280,0002942|01,312
1710 Triton Court$1,280,000$1,460,0001642|12,112
3725 Eastwood Circle$1,295,000$1,500,000943|01,978
2175 Kingsbury Cir$1,299,000$1,380,0001242|11,602
758 Robin Drive$1,299,000$1,410,000842|01,322
2139 Hoover Court$1,299,888$1,480,0001332|01,288
558 Saratoga Avenue$1,299,950$1,350,0001232|02,003
2661 Benton Street$1,300,000$1,200,0006042|01,729
1835 Cabrillo Avenue$1,300,000$1,275,0001231|0985
170 N Westridge Drive$1,300,000$1,400,0001132|01,200
2325 Forbes Avenue$1,349,988$1,295,0003332|01,325
4624 Fuller Street$1,350,000$1,500,000842|01,584
2318 Dundee Drive$1,368,000$1,418,000932|01,207
1152 Foley Avenue$1,388,000$1,380,0001332|01,000
2345 Amethyst Drive$1,388,888$1,400,0002243|01,642
2034 Sheraton Drive$1,398,000$1,290,0004132|01,314
2322 Amethyst Drive$1,398,000$1,630,000842|01,455
2070 Larsen Place$1,399,000$1,510,000232|01,478
1941 Briarwood Drive$1,399,000$1,550,0001732|01,512
706 Woodhams Road$1,399,999$1,405,8002832|01,108
4106 Tobin Circle$1,450,000$1,604,0001133|11,657
930 White Drive$1,452,950$1,600,000742|01,446
79 Conner Place$1,458,000$1,570,000932|11,784
2892 Humbolt Avenue$1,495,000$1,403,7503552|01,700
2897 Taper Avenue$1,498,000$1,670,0001832|01,327
2573 Gallup Drive$1,498,888$1,540,0083332|01,361
2523 Johnson Place$1,500,000$1,460,0004743|02,103
3483 Wheeling Drive$1,549,000$1,589,0001032|01,161
3165 Colfax Court$1,588,000$1,683,000732|11,534
2861 Fargher Drive$1,588,000$1,800,0001432|12,169
837 Cherry Orchard Place$1,649,000$1,650,0004643|01,935
3119 Mauricia Avenue$1,688,000$2,050,000753|01,798
2369 Fordham Drive$1,699,900$1,850,0002753|02,088
2838 Ponderosa Way$1,750,000$1,750,0001743|01,834
1052 Waterbird Way$1,750,000$1,880,000432|01,388
360 Hillsdale Avenue$1,765,000$1,780,000932|01,284
431 Lowell Drive$1,799,000$1,750,0003742|01,350
2139 King Court$1,799,950$1,795,0009654|02,960
2882 Mesquite Drive$1,998,000$2,280,0002542|01,910
1161 Doyle Circle$2,050,000$2,040,000042|12,331
281 Fontana Drive$2,399,000$2,450,0001052|12,597
3216 San Juan Avenue$850,000$1,150,0001532|01,095
997 Warburton Avenue$998,000$1,111,000831|01,155

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