2018 Santa Clara September home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 32 single family homes that closed escrow, a decrease from of the 54 homes sold in August.    Average days on market decreased to 15 days from 25 the prior month, and median days decreased to 15 from 16 due to a number of off-market deals posted to the MLS. The average price of a home sold in July 2018 was $1.418M which is about $40K lower than last month’s figure of $1.458M and $80k lower than the previous month at $1.498M. The Median price a home sold was $1.329M, which is $150K below August’s median price. Average cost per square foot dropped from $987 per sqft. to $933. Of the 32 homes sold in September, 20 sold over asking on average 3.1% over asking compared to 4.2% over asking in the previous month. Prices have settled further down and activity is still slow.  Home inventory has yet to drop.  If buying activity does pickup or listing activity drops look for the market tighten, but as inventory continues to increase we may continue to see prices settle lower.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
1191 Benton Street$1,800,000.00$1,800,000.00032|03,008119
2129 Hoover Court$1,099,000.00$1,100,000.00032|01,25255
2459 Moraine Drive$999,000.00$1,160,000.00031|01,27164
3804 Mark Spitz Place$1,748,000.00$1,698,888.00043|12,0500
4209 Stewart Lane$2,299,000.00$2,382,000.00043|13,07315
677 Flannery Street$1,200,000.00$1,200,000.00032|01,33665
3433 Fowler Avenue$1,288,888.00$1,265,000.00232|01,53564
1135 Morton Avenue$849,000.00$1,019,000.00332|01,27562
2151 Bowers Avenue$1,045,000.00$977,500.00532|01,00859
2612 Monticello Way$1,150,000.00$1,100,000.00732|01,09558
2318 Gianera Street$1,450,000.00$1,545,000.00832|11,92221
2747 Glorietta Circle$2,088,000.00$2,225,000.00843|02,18947
902 Hargis Way$1,888,000.00$1,950,000.00833|12,12815
934 Hilmar Street$1,188,000.00$1,450,000.00831|01,47777
3009 Agate Drive$899,000.00$1,034,000.00931|089764
337 Montclair Drive$1,799,000.00$1,880,000.00942|01,80661
1575 Cabrillo Avenue$1,198,000.00$1,175,000.001031|01,24964
1376 Washington St$1,050,000.00$1,070,000.001232|01,22084
2354 Fatjo Place$1,295,000.00$1,400,000.001231|01,36968
2261 Rita Court$1,090,000.00$1,242,000.001431|01,07566
2456 Franciscan Court$1,550,000.00$1,638,000.001442|01,83643
2349 Thompson Place$1,225,000.00$1,229,200.001531|01,02168
1019 Leith Avenue$1,149,000.00$1,050,000.001742|01,54356
665 Hamilton Lane$1,298,000.00$1,265,000.002342|01,12765
2094 Main Street$1,368,000.00$1,400,000.002432|01,48464
242 Maria Street$1,058,888.00$1,065,000.003232|01,07566
3024 Alexander Ave$1,688,000.00$1,688,000.003452|01,75763
642 Flannery Street$1,348,888.00$1,358,000.003442|01,12765
3417 Cooper Drive$1,600,000.00$1,600,000.003742|11,87461
610 Harrison Street$1,449,000.00$1,300,000.003833|02,129118
2359 Brown Avenue$1,398,000.00$1,450,000.004732|01,09560
3820 De La Cruz Blvd$1,588,000.00$1,650,000.007553|02,42154

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