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Santa Clara Home Sales for December 2014

37 single family homes closed in December of 2014 in Santa Clara, one higher than the previous month, which made it a relatively busier month than normal.  Inventory stayed pretty consistent hovering around 15 single family homes for sale in Santa Clara, and dropping as low as 12 homes. In December homes listed and sold […]

November 2014 Home Sales – Santa Clara

Number of transactions in Santa Clara in November dropped to 36 from 50 least week. That is about a 25% drop in activity.  Inventory is continuing to drop, currently sitting at 15 single family homes for sale in Santa Clara. In November homes listed and sold in Santa Clara were on the market an average of […]

October 2014 Home Sales in Santa Clara, CA

Typically we experience a slow down in the fall for real estate transactions.  In October a total of 50 single family homes closed escrow compared to  68 total single family home sales in September.   That is about a 26% drop in activity.  Also inventory is steadily droping as well which is also very typical as less homes are going on the […]

  • Because of the outstanding job Vinicius did selling my father’s house a few years ago, there was no question in our mind that we were going to trust him with the sale of our home. Vinicius is very knowledgeable of the market as well as what makes a house stand out. When we first met with Vinicius, he provided a comprehensive assessment of the current market, talked about the things we could do to our house to make it more marketable, and explained what to expect during the selling process. Once we decided which things to do to make the house more marketable, Vinicius took care of everything, coordinating and managing all the work that needed to be done. We were away most of this time because we were in the process of moving out of the area, but because of my past experience with Vinicius, we had complete confidence that he would have everything taken care of in a timely manner. The house was only on the market for about a week, and we received multiple offers–all significantly over the asking price. I’m convinced that all the work Vinicius did up front to prepare the house is what led to us getting an excellent price for the house. Working with Vinicius was a pleasure; he was very professional and responsive, and he kept us well informed during the entire process. We would highly recommend Vinicius Brasil.

  • Honest, Knowledgable, Resourceful, Dependable, Trustworthy and can get the job done. Thats what Vinicius was for us in our quest to buy a home in this market where homes you like get a minimum of 10 to 15 offers. He recently helped us buy a Single Family Home. We saw about 150 homes over a period of 6 months before we bought one. And we must have dragged Vinicius to about 20 of those and discussed about another 20 of them.

    He prevented us from buying a couple of homes we were smitten by and were willing to do what ever it takes. I remember one of the homes where-in I asked Vinicius to try and pre-empt before the offer deadline. He even knew the listing agent and could have easily done that. But he wasn’t very keen on it because he didn’t believe it was the right home for us irrespective of the offer price – it just showed well to an untrained eye and the emotional state of mind of a home buyer. He is not heavy handed, instead tries to layout all positive and negative aspects of a potential home in front of you. And what each positive and negative means to you. He helps you digest the information and evolve your thinking, rather than telling you what to buy or not to buy. He has the quality of being both subtle and direct at the same time. And thank god I did not buy that home – it was a misfit and I would have deeply regretted it. He did the same with another home, and I am glad I didn’t.

    Every transaction is unique and without getting into details, I would say that he worked wonders to get our offer accepted. And in the entire process, he wasn’t pushy at all. He was willing to step back at any time. He was never after “selling” us a home. I find most buyers fear that their agents just want to sell them a home. Which is why it is very important to work with someone you can trust. And Vinicius is absolutely trustworthy. He is also very resourceful. Immediately after getting into a contract, I wanted to perform a home and a specialist inspection and Vinicius arranged for everything within 24 to 48 hours.

    Our home needs remodeling. Vinicius got us connected to the right contractors, helped us plan what to address in the immediate short term, what to leave for the future etc. and has taken interest in sharing with him extension plans when we have them.

  • Vinicius is a very professional realtor, he has integrity loyalty and is very honest. This is the 3rd time he represented me, 2007 sold my house in one week, 2008 bought a house, 2015 sold my house in one open house weekend!!! He staged my house and prompted it on a higher level I have ever experienced. Highly recommended!

  • I called Vinny because he sells lots of homes in my area. I wanted to relocate and had lots of questions. Vinny as I came to call him was very patient with us and willing to meet me at my home on several occasions to go over details. He explained the process of what it would take to sell the home, but he even brought up things that I had not considered like taxes and moving my property taxes to my new home. I had no idea I could do this and Vinnie explained how it worked and said I would be eligible. I was very skeptical of this initially. He send me some links to the county website about it and I still needed to go down in person to the county offices to verify and he was right.

    After a few weeks of going back and forth and more meetings with Vinny I found a house I wanted to by and needed to put my house on the market. Vinny suggested we do some updates and staging to get a higher price and he took care of everything. He had his crews start the work and they were able to paint, refinish the floors, and update my kitchen. After all the work was done he put it on the market.

    I was very nervous throughout this process and didn’t want to loose the house I was interested in buying. Vinny was instrumental in coordinating everything with the other agent handling my purchase. He would provide them regular updates on sale of my house.

    Within a week of listing my house I had already received multiple offers and even one very high cash offer that closed in one week. This was ideal since it allowed my to close earlier than I had anticipated on my purchase. Vinny was also able to negotiate and give me 30 days to remain in my house after the close so that I could paint my new house and move in.

    I can’t thank Vinny enough for everything he did and all the information and effort he put forth in helping me to sell my home. He made himself available to answer my questions and would stop by to talk to me in person. I never felt like I was just a sale to him, he really wanted to make sure I had all the information so that I could make the right decisions.

  • Vinicius provided excellent advice on how to prepare, upgrade, and market my home for sale. We first met to discuss price, home condition, options for home improvements, and marketing strategy. After making improvements in a timely manner, the home was only on the market for one week and received multiple offers and we selected a very competitive offer. I highly recommend Vinicius for his knowledge, experience, responsiveness, and skills in the real estate market.

  • My wife and I recently bought our first house with Vinicius.
    We met him by chance when we stepped into a house he was selling. We were so impressed by his honesty that we decided we want to work with him as our agent.
    Vinicius is one of the most honest persons I have ever met. We saw dozens of houses with him and spent long hours during long night phone calls trying to make up our mind whether to buy a specific house or not. Each conversation with him was a pleasure and educational since he knows so much about the bay area and the different neighborhoods in each city. Other than that he is also very knowledgeable regarding renovations fixes and costs that might come to play after you buy a house. And he always considers those things before giving his candid opinion on a house. We looked for the right house with him for close to 5 months and he was always very patient and never tried to push us to a deal. Vinicius was always (and still is:-) available during the whole process and I see him today much more as my friend then a realtor. Vinicius is highly regarded (from my experience) by other realtors in the area. I have already recommended him to friends of mine and definitely will recommend him to anyone else!!!