2018 October home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 44 single family homes that closed escrow, an increase from of the 32 homes sold in September.    Average days on market increased to 21 days from 15 the prior month, and median days decreased to 14 from 15. The average price of a home sold in October 2018 was $1.377M which is about $41K lower than last month’s figure of $1.418M and $81k lower than the previous month at $1.458M. The Median price a home sold was $1.3M, which is $29K below September’s median price. Average cost per square foot increased from $933 per sqft. to $1,007. Of the 44 homes sold in October, 23 sold over asking. On average 1.9% over asking compared to 3.2% over asking in the previous month. Prices have settled further down and activity is still slow.  Home inventory is steadily increasing which is abnormal for this time of year.  Look for prices to continue to soften and drop until home inventory levels drop.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
610 Monroe Street$2,395,000$2,250,0003343|02,388118
100 N Henry Avenue$2,199,998$2,120,0001543|02,8570
3080 Arthur Court$1,898,888$1,930,0001032|11,72922
3014 Via Siena Place$1,888,888$1,925,000742|11,9573
2835 Ponderosa Way$1,648,000$1,660,0002542|01,68758
1326 Buchanan Drive$1,550,000$1,649,0001042|01,97358
396 Sloat Court$1,698,800$1,600,0004532|01,51360
1516 Homestead Road$1,650,000$1,600,00011632|02,300113
2980 Pruneridge Avenue$1,588,000$1,599,000632|01,44255
3242 Colgate Avenue$1,548,000$1,560,0001332|01,44255
523 Flannery Street$1,688,000$1,550,0001542|11,74955
1893 Woodland Avenue$1,425,000$1,500,0002132|11,48563
2245 Rosita Avenue$1,399,950$1,475,000342|01,45166
3056 Taper Avenue$1,450,000$1,475,0001442|01,33061
2653 Wallace Street$1,299,999$1,470,0004532|01,35762
616 Salberg Avenue$1,325,000$1,425,000732|01,16664
1933 Murguia Avenue$1,398,000$1,405,0001832|01,34071
4839 Avenida De Los Arboles$1,388,000$1,388,000942|11,85042
2080 Clark Avenue$1,088,000$1,385,000732|01,00859
3510 Earl Drive$1,299,000$1,352,0001442|01,59062
2311 Amethyst Drive$1,299,000$1,335,0001432|01,57460
2043 Pruneridge Avenue$1,375,000$1,310,0003332|01,58482
2136 Francis Avenue$1,199,000$1,300,000832|01,07863
1680 Los Padres Boulevard$1,349,950$1,300,0004832|01,29068
823 Monroe Street$1,399,950$1,300,0007032|02,068118
643 Hamilton Lane$1,275,000$1,290,0001442|01,12765
640 HILMAR Street$1,299,950$1,287,0002932|01,52278
2154 Sheraton Drive$1,300,000$1,280,0001532|098457
1785 Long Street$1,148,000$1,261,000831|01,02167
2131 San Rafael Avenue$1,288,888$1,234,5003832|01,07863
2293 Talia Avenue$1,375,000$1,232,5505632|01,08064
2369 Glendenning$1,088,000$1,210,000931|11,13165
2171 Agnew Road$1,280,000$1,200,0001932|11,26020
877 Sunlite Drive$1,198,000$1,198,0001431|01,05368
1900 Chestnut Street$1,189,000$1,189,0001243|01,835112
956 Baird Avenue$999,000$1,182,3751042|01,46657
748 Robin Drive$1,150,000$1,160,0001131|01,05268
3536 Golden State Drive$1,049,000$1,125,0001232|01,16664
2725 Newhall Street$1,049,988$1,100,000932|01,13063
1334 Crowley Avenue$1,199,999$1,100,000831|01,28662
1982 Graham Lane$1,050,000$1,050,0001431|01,02166
2173 Benton Street$1,099,000$1,025,0001431|01,10968
752 Los Padres Boulevard$1,088,000$1,025,0002432|01,01364
1497 Cabrillo Avenue$999,888$950,0005031|098564

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