2018 November home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 37 single family homes that closed escrow, a decrease from of the 44 homes sold in October.  Average days on market increased to 26 days from 21 the prior month, and median days increased to 17 from 14. The average price of a home sold in November 2018 was $1.31M which is about $67K lower than last month’s figure of $1.377M and $108k lower than the previous month at $1.418M. The Median price a home sold was $1.3M, which is the same as October’s median price. Average cost per square foot decreased from $1,007 per sqft. to $918. Of the 37 homes sold in November, 18 sold over asking. On average 0.4% over asking compared to 1.9% over asking in the previous month.

Prices have settled further down and activity is still slower as home buyers are taking their time.  Home inventory has started to drop, which is typical for the holiday season.  Look for prices to stay relatively firm for the holidays as inventory continues to drop as fewer homes are listed, and buyer’s absorb what good options are left.



Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
52 Claremont Avenue$2,350,000$2,250,0005543|01,98062
2482 Gallup Drive$2,396,000$2,205,000943|13,12453
441 Hillsdale Avenue$1,988,000$1,988,000932|01,79961
4321 Marston Lane$1,750,000$1,760,0005243|12,08316
2360 Lass Drive$1,649,000$1,750,8781443|02,32621
575 N Winchester Boulevard$1,698,000$1,700,0001044|02,67912
1013 Bluebird Avenue$1,688,000$1,688,0005632|01,38857
3473 Wheeling Drive$1,700,000$1,670,0004753|02,41857
3358 Vanderbilt Way$1,598,000$1,628,0001232|01,44257
486 Birch Way$1,649,000$1,560,0003042|12,25058
2275 Talia Avenue$1,595,000$1,550,000542|11,59966
1885 Harrison Street$1,398,000$1,455,000932|01,64070
241 Kerry Drive$1,499,888$1,450,0005532|01,67963
933 Sunlite Drive$1,595,000$1,450,0004143|01,83569
460 Greenwood Drive$1,299,000$1,400,0001243|01,75951
3870 Eastwood Circle$1,338,000$1,380,000952|12,01053
2520 Dixon Drive$1,348,000$1,358,0001032|01,25163
736 Fairlane Avenue$1,225,000$1,350,0003432|01,33059
4466 Lakeshore Drive$1,299,000$1,320,0002032|01,34141
2657 Barcells Avenue$1,359,000$1,300,0009132|01,33563
3545 Berry Way$1,299,950$1,300,0003732|01,24062
1846 Los Padres Boulevard$1,299,000$1,299,0002142|01,68566
3451 San Marcos Way$1,298,000$1,280,0001732|01,46464
148 Westridge Drive$1,385,000$1,260,0001731|11,48566
644 Viader Court$1,268,000$1,250,0002131|01,21671
3423 Victoria Avenue$1,200,000$1,225,000032|01,60264
3406 Flora Vista Avenue$1,298,888$1,210,0001332|01,56164
526 Madison Street$995,000$1,200,0001532|01,32858
1424 Pacheco Street$999,900$1,150,0001821|083870
736 Woodhams Road$1,238,888$1,150,000832|01,10864
2619 Castello Way$1,199,999$1,150,0008142|01,10958
676 Scott Boulevard$1,080,000$1,125,0003021|093671
794 Ridge Road$1,099,900$1,120,000832|01,32963
631 Clara Vista Avenue$1,049,888$1,060,000931|11,14561
576 Saratoga Avenue$998,000$1,020,000731|01,24671
1174 Madison Street$908,000$990,0001521|11,13670
2107 Monroe Street$948,888$870,0006231|098564

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