2018 December home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 32 single family homes that closed escrow, a decrease from of the 37 homes sold in November.  Average days on market increased to 33 days from 26 the prior month, and median days increased to 26 from 17. The average price of a home sold in November 2018 was $1.3M which is about $10K lower than last month’s figure of $1.31M and $77k lower than the previous month at $1.377M. The Median price a home sold was $1.25M, which is below November’s median price of 1.3M. Average cost per square foot decreased from $918 per sqft. to $894. Of the 32 homes sold in December, 15 sold over asking. On average 0.8% over asking compared to 0.4% over asking in the previous month.

The Santa Clara market tightened up for the last month of the year, as home inventory dropped, which is typical for the holiday season.  There were very little new listings and many homes that had been sitting on the market were finally sold and will be closing in January.  Moving forward to expect home inventory to expand.  Generally buying activity is pretty hot in the beginning months of the year, as inventory is ramping up.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
317 Montclair Drive$1,998,000.00$2,000,000.002843|01,74061
2489 Moraine Drive$1,990,000.00$1,900,000.002953|02,6550
1972 Hastings Court$1,650,000.00$1,650,000.00343|12,31560
335 Pineview Drive$1,595,000.00$1,580,000.004143|02,25164
1468 Merrill Place$1,498,000.00$1,560,000.00744|02,00413
2085 CLARK$1,599,000.00$1,555,000.009753|02,62059
2937 Kearney Avenue$1,450,000.00$1,550,000.001532|01,40460
976 Las Palmas Drive$1,549,900.00$1,520,000.005943|02,13763
3462 Bella Vista Court$1,488,800.00$1,510,000.001332|01,56064
3083 Millar Avenue$1,398,000.00$1,450,000.001132|11,71460
3043 Harding Avenue$1,450,000.00$1,400,500.005932|01,24064
2100 Menzel Place$1,299,950.00$1,348,000.00732|01,36864
2052 Jamison Place$1,288,000.00$1,302,000.005433|01,77627
113 Westridge Drive$1,158,888.00$1,300,113.002521|01,14866
2983 Jerald Avenue$1,300,000.00$1,300,000.001942|01,33060
3553 Cabrillo Avenue$1,299,000.00$1,250,000.001532|01,33662
1134 Inverness Avenue$1,299,000.00$1,250,000.003031|11,54669
840 Keith Lane$1,150,000.00$1,240,000.001032|01,52857
2134 Coolidge Drive$1,095,000.00$1,210,000.00932|01,18155
2191 Calle De Primavera$1,188,000.00$1,200,000.002732|11,97939
2318 Susan Drive$1,199,000.00$1,185,000.0012732|01,26463
2326 Bohannon Drive$998,000.00$1,180,000.00731|11,13165
356 Cypress Avenue$1,250,000.00$1,180,000.001031|01,07566
886 Sunset Drive$1,140,000.00$1,128,000.002731|01,05369
806 Christopher Court$1,298,000.00$1,121,250.004832|01,45660
529 Oakwood Drive$1,049,000.00$1,100,000.001842|01,45053
1395 Jefferson Street$1,048,000.00$1,020,000.005432|01,09579
2336 Castro Place$1,049,888.00$985,000.008132|01,05364
1179 Scott Boulevard$975,000.00$975,000.004421|01,17070
4658 Demaret Drive$895,000.00$950,000.00532|01,09558
1335 Don Avenue$897,800.00$900,000.001131|098564
845 Main Street$849,000.00$810,000.006121|080398

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