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2019 February home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 39 single family homes that closed escrow, an increase from the 26 homes sold in January.  Average days on market decreased to 22 days from 35 the prior month, and median days decreased to 11 from 27. The average price of a home sold in February 2019 was $1.37M which is about $90K higher than last month’s figure of $1.28M and $70k higher than the previous month at $1.3M. The Median price home sold was $1.37M, which is above January’s median price of 1.21M. Average cost per square foot increased from $912 per sqft. to $940. Of the 39 homes sold in February, 15 sold over asking. On average 3.4% over asking compared to 1.8% under asking in the previous month.

The market has recently been experiencing multiple offers due to limited or low inventory and a shift in policy by the FED that dropped rates about half a percent.  Currently, there are 51 homes on the market as of the end of the month.  At the beginning of January, we started with just 30 homes and grew to 43 in February. The market has been very active in the last few weeks with homes selling over list price.  However, we are starting at the highest level of inventory in the last 7 years so I expect inventory levels to be higher this year.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
756 Armanini Avenue$1,050,000$1,100,0001021|083669
225 Bret Harte Court$1,549,888$1,420,0008443|01,65863
3565 Brothers Lane$1,688,000$1,680,000043|12,4621
3569 Brothers Lane$1,688,000$1,680,0001643|12,4620
673 Bucher Avenue$949,000$1,052,0001832|01,23065
4392 Burdick Lane$2,280,000$2,450,000954|03,11315
2640 Castello Way$1,140,000$1,135,000942|01,15859
2305 Cimarron Drive$1,398,000$1,501,000853|02,09351
2186 Del Monte Avenue$1,349,000$1,340,000932|01,24063
2526 Dixon Drive$1,299,000$1,270,0006343|01,98663
2287 Dolores Avenue$1,799,950$1,753,4002343|12,42065
3522 Eastin Place$1,388,000$1,480,800733|11,86114
2904 El Sobrante St$1,399,500$1,325,1241932|11,16269
1545 Farmer Place$1,518,888$1,518,8881234|01,99810
3465 Forest Avenue$900,000$1,250,000732|01,14164
3433 Fowler Avenue$1,499,000$1,600,0001042|01,53565
2888 Fresno Street$988,000$1,150,000931|01,23671
3048 Fresno Street$888,888$1,000,000021|01,16269
3160 Humbolt Avenue$1,388,000$1,380,0001032|01,38468
1189 Inverness Avenue$1,500,000$1,400,0003233|02,01168
2543 Johnson Place$1,248,000$1,200,0004532|01,34061
2159 Kingsbury Circle$1,095,000$1,105,0005932|11,40018
1719 Lawrence Road$1,748,000$1,740,000053|12,5561
1637 Long Street$1,425,000$1,445,0005332|11,61867
976 Los Padres Boulevard$1,110,000$1,100,0001431|11,15667
3220 Machado Avenue$1,395,000$1,330,0008432|01,07863
991 Madeline Lane$1,148,000$1,148,0001332|01,47667
3628 Magellan Avenue$1,549,000$1,500,0006532|01,14761
654 Malarin Avenue$1,698,000$1,666,0002143|01,79367
2517 Marchese Way$1,389,000$1,389,0001143|01,81259
945 Maryann Drive$1,098,000$1,160,000731|01,03666
2870 Mauricia Avenue$1,575,000$1,516,000932|01,24257
3525 Notre Dame Drive$1,279,000$1,350,000832|01,32862
3463 San Marcos Way$1,250,000$1,400,000832|01,21265
1224 Sherwood Avenue$898,888$898,888721|074426
1026 Sunset Drive$999,000$1,178,000742|01,49569
3749 Swallow Way$1,728,000$1,682,0006643|01,70057
3559 Warburton Avenue$1,748,000$1,748,0001853|12,5540
3561 Warburton Avenue$1,728,000$1,728,000043|12,6951

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