2019 March home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 56 single family homes that closed escrow, an increase from the 39 homes sold in February.  Average days on market held steady at 22 days, and median days increased to 12 from 11. The average price of a home sold in March 2019 was $1.42M which is about $50K higher than last month’s figure of $1.37M and $130k higher than the previous month at $1.29M. The Median price home sold was $1.37M, which is the same as February’s median price. Average cost per square foot decreased from $940 per sqft. to $924. Of the 56 homes sold in March, 35 sold over asking. On average 3.2% over asking compared to 3.4% over asking in the previous month.


The housing market has picked up in the last few months.  We are seeing more and more offers and more bidding occurring.  Inventory levels have stayed pretty consistent for the last two months, even dropping below the 50 homes mark in late January.  This indicates that buyers have been able to absorb new listings coming on the market, and prices have already increased beyond the 4th quarter of 2018.  Much of this I attribute to the surprise policy shift by the FED that resulted in a .5% rate drop.

As we are moving more into the Spring market inventory has finally increased.  We are currently over 50 single family homes for sale in Santa Clara, seasonally this number should increase and the market should simmer down with more inventory.  In the meantime, buyers expect multiple offers and bidding on hot listings.  Sellers make sure to price your homes accurately and they will sell.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
2145 3rd Street$1,398,000$1,410,0002132|11,58919
2423 Amethyst Drive$999,000$1,050,000832|089765
3004 Aspen Drive$1,550,000$1,720,000842|01,68756
851 Baird Avenue$899,000$920,0001732|01,09758
497 Bancroft Street$1,888,000$2,000,0001142|12,21559
710 Baylor Drive$1,888,888$1,688,8801853|02,11358
1511 Bellomy Street$1,100,000$1,125,000031|01,35273
2344 Benton Street$1,599,000$1,650,0008344|02,22565
2459 Benton Street$895,000$975,0001432|01,13464
1871 Briarwood Drive$1,395,000$1,370,000932|01,12465
3567 Brothers Lane$1,688,000$1,688,000643|12,4621
4581 Burke Drive$899,950$925,000942|01,09559
336 Burnett Avenue$1,899,000$1,770,0004543|01,63863
3424 Cecil Avenue$988,000$1,160,000721|01,20771
830 Civic Center Drive$1,550,000$1,330,0006243|11,8900
2106 Denise Drive$1,588,000$1,600,0003442|12,66451
3723 Edgefield Drive$1,249,000$1,325,000832|01,31252
2737 El Sobrante Street$1,099,990$1,170,000831|01,00063
601 Enright Avenue$1,750,000$1,900,000642|02,04168
658 Enright Avenue$1,249,000$1,375,000732|01,67069
647 Fallon Avenue$1,399,000$1,507,000742|01,67872
2840 Fargher Drive$1,499,000$1,395,0005532|11,63930
2841 Fargher Drive$1,388,000$1,450,000032|12,09530
3085 Fresno Street$1,399,950$1,370,00012832|01,74970
3442 Geneva Drive$2,000,000$2,060,0001253|02,69662
109 Gilbert Avenue$1,795,000$1,905,0001542|01,56861
4728 Gillmor Street$1,349,000$1,460,0001542|11,85042
1758 Higgins Avenue$1,099,888$1,063,0001231|01,03866
1729 Jeffery Court$1,350,000$1,461,0001232|01,33063
2491 Johnson Place$1,799,000$1,750,0008444|02,75662
241 Kerry Drive$1,539,000$1,515,0002932|01,67964
2138 Kingsbury Circle$999,888$1,160,0004042|11,60219
289 La Herran Drive$1,488,888$1,708,000432|01,28462
2386 Lass Drive$1,699,000$1,760,0001453|02,32622
753 Laurie Avenue$1,175,000$1,120,0002732|01,20758
1361 Los Padres Boulevard$1,399,000$1,300,0002131|11,35964
2045 Main Street$1,188,800$1,150,0004032|01,41173
3801 Mark Spitz Place$1,700,000$1,700,000043|12,2271
3802 Mark Spitz Place$1,498,000$1,615,00013743|12,0500
1374 Maryann Drive$1,300,000$1,300,000221|11,62263
580 Mission Street$949,990$1,100,000831|11,18075
2171 Monterey Avenue$1,248,000$1,381,800832|01,07864
2075 Morrison Avenue$988,888$1,151,000032|01,20760
1928 Murguia Avenue$1,174,950$1,265,000731|01,21672
3032 Orthello Way$1,200,000$1,155,0001352|11,80068
3031 Pruneridge Avenue$1,550,000$1,500,000642|01,68756
1245 Reed Street$1,225,000$1,270,000732|01,13664
3156 San Juan Avenue$1,188,000$1,150,0001842|01,09561
2155 San Rafael Avenue$1,298,000$1,280,0004933|01,73064
1224 Sherwood Avenue$898,888$950,000721|074426
1936 Stanley Avenue$1,188,000$1,215,0001232|01,13064
1073 Sunlite Drive$998,000$1,202,000742|01,39869
3390 Tracy Drive$1,689,000$1,800,000032|01,26562
3649 Vireo Avenue$2,098,000$2,150,000742|12,70126
2795 Warburton Avenue$1,295,000$1,250,0002132|01,23761
1062 Waterbird Way$1,800,000$1,750,0001733|01,67758

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