2019 April home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 46 single family homes that closed escrow, a decrease from the 56 homes sold in March.  Average days on market dropped to 17 days, and median days decreased to 10.5 from 12. The average price of a home sold in April 2019 was $1.44M which is about $20K higher than last month’s figure of $1.42M and $70k higher than the previous month at $1.37M. The Median price home sold was $1.39M, which is about $20K higher than February’s median price. The average cost per square foot increased from $924 per sqft. to $930. Of the 46 homes sold in April, 29 sold over asking. On average 5.2% over asking compared to 3.2% over asking in the previous month.


April was a tight month for home sales, a rare occasion when inventory drops as we are moving deeper into Spring. With lower inventory, we experienced a tougher seller’s market with multiple offers and rising home values.

The week after Easter weekend, 20 new listings came up and inventory shot up from the mid-’40s to the mid-’60s where we are now approximately.  The market appreciation should slow as many of these homes will not sell within the first week of being on the market. It’s important to monitor where inventory goes from here. Does it stay steady, does it drop or will it continue to rise. The next few weeks could indicate the strength of the market in the coming months.


Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
2275 2nd Street$1,188,000$1,342,0001042|01,58442
3038 Alexander Avenue$1,295,000$1,550,000832|01,46864
3157 Allen Way$1,680,000$1,820,000932|01,40662
3340 Allen Court$1,250,000$1,458,000732|01,40061
2558 Amethyst Drive$1,499,950$1,520,0002043|12,63964
2224 Augusta Place$1,200,000$1,290,000642|01,09561
2691 Barcells Avenue$1,299,000$1,350,0001932|01,14564
2929 Barkley Avenue$1,348,000$1,390,000732|01,17062
3750 Benton Street$1,998,998$2,200,000642|12,35026
3596 Berry Way$1,249,000$1,300,000732|01,24063
2068 Carpenter Place$1,488,000$1,458,0001843|02,17728
1786 Catherine Street$1,600,000$1,550,0009863|02,651158
1605 Chestnut Street$1,790,000$1,710,0001754|03,226120
630 Clara Vista Avenue$1,198,000$1,255,0001531|11,14562
1254 Crowley Avenue$1,228,800$1,400,000532|01,47964
2116 Del Monte Avenue$999,000$1,375,000032|01,24063
185 Douglane Avenue$1,999,999$1,800,0005333|12,39471
3816 Dunford Way$1,680,000$1,680,000732|01,38858
3699 Eastwood Circle$1,198,000$1,300,000132|01,31252
2543 Elliot Street$1,395,000$1,517,000832|01,69657
1251 Foley Avenue$1,125,000$1,200,0001631|01,00063
2962 Fresno Street$1,599,000$1,615,000833|01,92071
3027 Homestead Road$1,788,000$1,788,0001554|12,2850
500 Kiely Boulevard$999,900$1,275,000532|01,44256
4516 Lakeshore Drive$1,399,888$1,440,0002342|11,85042
991 Las Palmas Drive$1,197,000$1,186,0003532|01,46664
717 Layton Court$1,688,000$1,660,0002042|11,94865
1235 Lewis Street$899,000$899,0001532|0972104
613 Los Padres Boulevard$1,199,000$1,280,000932|01,09664
752 Los Padres Boulevard$1,198,000$1,265,000832|01,01365
3225 Machado Avenue$999,000$999,000932|01,07864
431 Magnolia Lane$1,988,000$2,100,0001654|13,62859
668 Malarin Avenue$1,488,000$1,575,0001332|01,51968
2890 Mark Avenue$1,369,000$1,425,0001232|11,53462
1828 Market Street$1,188,000$1,174,0002032|11,36612
1399 Mcpherson Street$1,198,000$1,210,000832|01,16665
1405 Mcpherson Street$1,349,000$1,380,000532|01,80865
2640 Monroe Street$1,588,000$1,550,00011232|01,74260
1585 Newhall Street$1,100,000$1,280,0002132|01,59273
760 Ridge Road$1,198,800$1,310,000732|01,33963
713 Scott Boulevard$1,049,000$1,049,0001131|01,19072
2718 Taft Avenue$1,925,000$1,925,000942|12,11059
3097 Taper Avenue$1,499,950$1,499,9501533|01,53462
1661 Triton Court$1,258,000$1,234,5672632|11,73029
3350 Victoria Avenue$1,050,000$1,210,000332|01,08065
4301 Watson Circle$1,599,950$1,525,0002132|12,03615

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