2019 May home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 64 single family homes that closed escrow, an increase from the 46 homes sold in April.  Average days on market increased to 23 days, and median days increased to 12 from 10. The average price of a home sold in May 2019 was $1.50M which is about $60K higher than last month’s figure of $1.44M and $80k higher than the previous month at $1.42M. The Median price home sold was $1.49M, which is about $100K higher than April’s median price. The average cost per square foot increased from $930 per sqft. to $968. Of the 64 homes sold in May, 36 sold over asking. On average 2.2% over asking compared to 5.2% over asking in the previous month.


May was a busy month for home sales in Santa Clara. With the increase in inventory came more home sales, but also more homes on the market meant longer sale times. We ended inventory in May at 67 homes on the market in all of Santa Clara. At the highest point this month there were 77 homes listed.

After labor day there was a large influx of homes and we have been between 65-75 homes listed in the last few weeks. Also, the market is noticeably slower, and some homes which have been listed for a few weeks have dropped their asking price. For sellers looking to sell without a further correction in the market, make sure to price your homes effectively where you will get buyer interest and sell within two weeks. Testing the market with a high price could delay your sale and you may get caught deeper in the market correction.


Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
2374 Alberta Court$1,198,000$1,262,000632|098458
219 Alviso Street$1,349,888$1,290,0002331|11,97655
2326 Amethyst Drive$1,398,000$1,450,000633|01,82861
2598 Amethyst Drive$1,499,000$1,520,0001942|01,46764
1827 Andrea Place$1,249,000$1,410,000932|11,53462
632 Azevedo Court$1,395,000$1,406,000632|01,14564
647 Bancroft Street$1,725,000$1,735,0002243|01,72859
2281 Bowers Avenue$1,599,000$1,592,0001543|01,77859
666 Bucher Avenue$1,390,000$1,390,000032|01,26565
1497 Cabrillo Avenue$1,149,000$1,149,0002531|098565
1646 Catherine Street$1,288,888$1,325,0001432|01,707109
3181 Cecil Avenue$1,469,950$1,465,0003543|01,98566
1791 Clay Street$1,298,000$1,298,0001632|01,37529
2397 Donner Place$2,395,000$2,350,00015743|13,3460
3232 Dorcich Street$1,150,000$1,306,0001031|11,37866
1739 Eberhard Street$1,498,000$1,520,000742|01,65268
991 Elizabeth Drive$1,398,000$1,450,000732|01,54966
2544 Elliot Court$1,398,888$1,400,000742|01,29057
3491 Elmhurst Avenue$1,295,000$1,295,000932|01,40162
1914 Fillmore Street$1,090,000$1,210,000732|01,58564
2830 Forbes Avenue$1,799,000$1,799,0002642|11,81059
3376 Forbes Avenue$2,100,000$2,100,000753|02,70359
2179 Fordham Drive$1,275,888$1,470,000632|01,42561
475 Giannini Drive$1,749,888$1,811,0001332|01,48861
1764 Graham Lane$1,095,000$1,040,0001631|01,02169
604 Hickory Place$1,488,000$1,400,0001032|01,33856
933 Hilmar Street$1,698,000$1,850,0001253|12,40777
626 Hobart Terrace$1,495,000$1,510,0001932|11,68459
3031 Homestead Road$1,588,000$1,588,0001043|02,1981
1560 Jackson Street$869,888$850,00017521|078976
1779 Jeffery Court$1,520,000$1,500,0001132|11,53463
2920 Jerald Avenue$1,399,000$1,510,000932|01,72463
2070 Kimberlin Place$1,328,231$1,360,000443|02,06827
141 Kit Carson Court$1,689,999$1,601,0001442|01,60664
1235 Lewis Street$899,000$880,0001531|0972104
328 Los Padres Boulevard$1,125,000$1,115,208831|01,03566
691 Marshall Court$1,338,000$1,601,500842|01,53365
4170 Marston Lane$1,699,000$1,690,0001543|12,12817
956 Maryann Drive$1,888,888$1,825,0003542|02,3041
3375 Mauricia Avenue$1,850,000$1,981,000943|01,75565
3879 Melody Lane$1,688,000$1,651,0003532|01,99160
3141 Monroe Street$962,000$1,025,0001231|089765
710 N North Winchester Boulevard$1,459,000$1,491,0004832|12,08571
1725 Oswald Place$1,200,000$1,245,000632|01,28364
2462 Painted Rock Drive$1,488,000$1,550,0001552|01,88165
2390 Park Avenue$1,998,000$1,925,0008543|03,36183
880 Pepper Tree Lane$1,588,000$1,450,00015243|01,61459
3520 Pruneridge Avenue$1,388,000$1,410,0001032|01,02561
2498 Ramke Place$1,349,889$1,411,000532|01,34062
2832 Ramona Court$1,399,950$1,550,000332|01,14563
1187 Reed Street$1,279,999$1,280,0001332|01,445119
2974 Ridge Court$1,325,000$1,275,0007332|01,33963
1633 Roll Street$1,149,000$1,226,0001631|01,40068
2331 Rosita Avenue$1,339,888$1,395,0001432|01,14064
2381 Rosita Avenue$1,450,000$1,400,0004132|01,07566
3066 San Juan Avenue$1,288,000$1,395,000742|01,09561
2312 Sutter Avenue$1,299,000$1,320,0001732|01,16264
3097 Taper Avenue$1,499,950$1,530,0001533|01,53462
2683 Tuliptree Lane$1,998,888$1,950,0001242|02,03147
3082 Via Siena Place$1,538,000$1,685,000532|11,7624
3423 Victoria Avenue$1,650,000$1,775,000833|01,61065
923 Warburton Avenue$1,600,000$1,600,000043|02,1780
945 Wood Duck Avenue$2,098,000$2,128,000742|12,14025
537 Woodstock Way$1,325,000$1,352,0001033|01,66652

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