2019 June home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 46 single-family homes that closed escrow, a decrease from the 64 homes sold in May.  Average days on market decreased to 19 days from 23 days, and median days decreased to 10 from 12. The average price of a home sold in June 2019 was $1.42M which is about $80K lower than last month’s figure of $1.50M.

The Median price home sold was $1.39M, which is about $100K lower than May’s median price. The average cost per square foot decreased from $968 per sqft. to $887. Of the 46 homes sold in June, 27 sold over asking. On average 3.8% over asking compared to 2.2% over asking in the previous month.

June saw a significant slow down in home sales in Santa Clara. We began June with 67 homes on the market in all of Santa Clara and ended with 83. At the highest point in June, there were 92 homes listed.

Inventory increased in June, but not at the levels we have seen from previous months. It seems like the market is finding its feet. There are some price reductions for overpriced homes, but well-priced homes are selling and selling quickly and over list price.

Last year inventory in the Summer dried up and the market tightened up in August. We may see a repeat of that this year. This month, however, the FED is meeting and some are speculating that they will reduce interest rates. This may motivate more buying, like it did earlier in the year when the FED paused its rate hikes. In the meantime, sellers remain cautious about overpricing and buyers prices have settled, not sure they will settle much more during the Summer.


Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
2344 Arguello Place$1,298,000$1,298,0002032|01,48869
658 Armanini Avenue$1,298,888$1,400,0001032|11,68669
723 Armanini Avenue$1,688,888$1,755,000732|11,88369
746 Armanini Avenue$895,000$1,025,000521|083669
2129 Avenida De Las Flores$920,000$1,000,000942|01,58443
636 Barto Street$1,248,000$1,330,0001642|01,09266
2272 Benton Street$1,150,000$1,191,000831|01,08368
1646 Berna Street$1,398,000$1,470,000732|01,54768
1953 Bohannon Drive$1,488,000$1,488,000832|01,63167
2245 Bohannon Drive$1,449,950$1,400,0003052|01,56567
944 Capitola Way$1,460,000$1,585,000642|02,12855
148 Douglane Avenue$1,499,000$1,505,000942|11,89970
3560 Druffel Place$1,399,000$1,450,000933|11,83910
2237 Forbes Avenue$1,098,000$1,110,000731|01,05268
3312 Geneva Drive$1,895,000$1,850,0001432|01,99662
663 Hamilton Lane$1,199,000$1,290,0001142|01,12766
947 Hicks Drive$1,348,000$1,348,000743|11,6090
2085 Hogan Drive$1,188,000$1,150,000842|01,70759
3029 Homestead Road$1,950,000$1,950,000054|12,2850
3031 Homestead Road$1,588,000$1,750,0001043|02,1981
2417 Johnson Place$1,249,000$1,365,000832|01,23163
2059 Kimberlin Place$1,458,000$1,500,0001343|02,06827
4433 Laird Circle$1,350,000$1,335,000933|01,59014
961 Las Palmas Drive$1,248,000$1,200,0003732|01,16664
3654 Londonderry Drive$995,000$1,350,0007442|11,80064
2527 Malone Place$1,398,888$1,610,0001143|02,17762
2367 Manhattan Place$1,299,000$1,335,000032|01,09561
2603 Meadowbrook Drive$1,650,000$1,610,0001932|01,93611
930 Monroe Street$1,600,000$1,600,000031|12,667113
2872 Orthello Way$1,500,000$1,580,000032|01,98768
610 Park Court$1,125,000$1,090,0009042|01,41694
1445 Pomeroy Avenue$1,375,000$1,290,0008042|02,30067
2316 Remo Court$1,100,000$1,160,5001242|01,35242
780 Ridge Road$1,295,000$1,370,000842|01,31064
669 Salberg Avenue$1,299,000$1,575,000442|01,65265
3491 San Marcos Way$1,398,000$1,410,0003432|01,40064
993 Scott Boulevard$1,088,888$1,088,0002232|01,46867
1927 Stanley Avenue$1,355,000$1,360,0004032|01,59560
2348 Susan Drive$1,299,998$1,210,0004131|11,62861
2184 Talia Avenue$1,549,000$1,550,0001332|01,55067
2345 Thompson Place$1,225,000$1,305,000923|01,14169
3360 Tracy Drive$1,799,888$2,050,000443|02,48262
1361 Via Dondera$1,468,000$1,453,0001843|02,44665
3066 Via Siena Place$1,868,000$1,800,0001742|11,9314
2366 Warburton Avenue$1,198,000$1,198,000431|01,41669
753 Yale Lane$1,499,000$1,600,0001232|01,44258

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