2019 July home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 56 single-family homes that closed escrow, an increase from the 46 homes sold in June.  Average days on market increased to 25 days from 19 days, and median days increased to 14 from 10. The average price of a home sold in June 2019 was $1.4M which is about $20K lower than last month’s figure of $1.42M.

The Median price home sold was $1.36M, which is about $30K lower than June’s median price. The average cost per square foot increased from $887 per sqft. to $922. Of the 56 homes sold in July, 32 sold over asking. On average 1.2% over asking compared to 3.8% over asking in the previous month.

The market picked up a bit in July with more home sales. Together with the slow listing activity, our current market is experiencing lower inventory than the Spring market. Although market inventory is tightening in Santa Clara which is a common theme we see in August, buyers are still being very patient. Homes are sitting on the market longer, and price reductions are a weekly occurrence. We began July with 83 homes on the market in all of Santa Clara and ended with 68 homes at the beginning of August.

The lower inventory and perhaps the FED’s decision to drop rates have helped some homes that were just sitting on the market go to pending status.

Last year in August we saw a similar situation where inventory dropped, and that helped some homes sell.  Last years August inventory was still about 20 homes less than August of 2019. Keep in mind we saw an influx of homes come on the market in early September when pushed down prices in the winter.  

For sellers, you definitely want to make your home stand out from the crowded field of homes. Staging and the right updates can go a long way.    Keep in mind that you don’t want to be delaying your home sale for too long as prices may continue to settle down.

Buyers, the conditions for buying are better than they have been in the last two years. Interest rates are the lowest they have been since 2016. No one is absolutely sure where the market is headed, but as we approach the Fall inventory levels should provide a good selection of homes before the slower Winter months.

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
2344 Arguello Place$1,298,000$1,300,0002032|01,48869
4949 Avenida De Los Arboles$1,198,888$1,230,000942|01,58443
2439 Benton Street$998,000$1,040,0001732|01,13464
4427 Billings Circle$1,999,000$2,020,0001443|12,40815
151 Blake Avenue$1,498,880$1,605,000732|01,15564
1953 Bohannon Drive$1,488,000$1,590,000832|01,63167
3451 Bonita Avenue$1,248,000$1,370,000732|01,24063
1022 Brackett Way$1,999,800$2,010,000843|12,40816
641 Briarcliff Court$1,598,000$1,598,0004843|01,93458
4338 Burdick Lane$2,188,000$2,160,0003143|12,98915
3511 Butcher Drive$1,348,000$1,338,0001132|01,46365
1497 Cabrillo Avenue$1,149,000$1,140,0002531|098565
1632 Cabrillo Avenue$1,350,000$1,390,000932|01,79465
2161 Calle De Primavera$1,489,000$1,489,0002964|02,43843
3360 Cecil Avenue$1,275,000$1,250,000932|01,32068
3379 Creighton Place$1,495,000$1,500,0001433|01,49861
1735 Cunningham Street$1,398,000$1,300,0005642|01,66668
2086 Del Monte Avenue$1,100,000$1,040,0002832|01,24063
2223 Dianne Drive$1,399,000$1,418,0004432|01,88655
3591 Earl Drive$1,550,000$1,500,0001632|01,22863
3675 Eastwood Circle$1,299,950$1,405,000942|01,56551
3430 Eden Drive$1,495,000$1,620,000542|01,41858
950 Elizabeth Drive$1,295,000$1,330,116732|01,26166
622 Enright Avenue$1,098,000$1,100,000731|098068
2163 Esperanca Avenue$1,259,000$1,195,00010842|11,59920
1515 Farmer Place$1,548,000$1,502,0005643|11,9938
419 Fernandez Court$1,499,000$1,500,00010933|02,10764
2164 Francis Avenue$1,250,000$1,322,0001232|01,29864
2432 Gallup Drive$1,350,000$1,350,0001342|01,69354
3362 Geneva Drive$1,500,000$1,660,000732|01,71462
937 Hicks Drive$1,348,000$1,348,0002743|11,6090
957 Hicks Drive$1,748,888$1,722,0002144|02,0570
3023 Homestead Road$1,388,000$1,455,000943|01,9381
473 Lafayette Way$950,000$980,000332|0960104
345 Landeros Drive$1,599,999$1,500,00011543|02,22243
2289 Lenox Place$1,195,000$1,170,0007132|11,66721
746 Los Padres Boulevard$1,050,000$1,058,000631|11,08565
371 Lowell Drive$1,599,888$1,600,000632|01,50861
1174 Madison Street$1,189,000$1,221,000732|01,13671
4213 Marston Lane$1,649,000$1,680,000633|12,12816
2890 Mauricia Avenue$1,488,000$1,700,000832|01,24257
1661 Nelson Drive$1,148,000$1,186,0002832|01,35159
2382 Nobili Avenue$1,380,000$1,351,0002732|01,36860
3597 Notre Dame Drive$1,830,500$1,700,0007354|03,07654
788 Orkney Avenue$1,025,000$1,050,000332|01,09758
2512 Painted Rock Drive$1,348,000$1,438,0001232|01,41565
2497 Pilot Knob Drive$950,000$910,000731|089765
125 Rodonovan Drive$1,599,950$1,750,0001431|11,56566
2342 Rosita Court$1,298,000$1,298,0005232|01,54065
653 San Miguel Avenue$1,299,888$1,250,0003132|01,13162
942 Sunlite Drive$1,195,000$1,220,0001632|01,14570
1086 Sunset Drive$1,150,000$1,130,0001231|01,03969
1010 Teal Drive$1,699,000$1,720,0004442|01,64958
2366 Warburton Avenue$1,198,000$1,200,000731|01,41669
3085 Warburton Avenue$1,385,000$1,384,0002632|11,53462
520 Woodstock Way$1,155,000$1,110,000142|01,66651

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