2019 August home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 43 single-family homes that closed escrow, a decrease from the 56 homes sold in July.  Average days on market increased to 29 days from 25 days, and median days increased to 15 from 14. The average price of a home sold in August 2019 was $1.37M which is about $30K lower than last month’s figure of $1.4M.

The Median price home sold was $1.3M, which is about $60K lower than July’s median price. The average cost per square foot decreased from $887 per sqft. to $827. Of the 43 homes sold in July, 23 sold over asking. On average 0.8% over asking compared to 1.2% over asking in the previous month.

We are experiencing an interesting market. Inventory has dropped and sales have dropped, interest rates are also very low, but prices continue to settle lower. Our current market is demonstrating that buyers are being very patient in their home-buying decisions, and motivated sellers are dropping their prices to entice offers.

Now that the summer is coming to an end, and school is back in session we have noticed a higher uptick in inventory from August. This will likely continue the trend of the market softening until things tighten up in the winter. How much, well that depends on inventory.

As always be sure to continue to monitor the inventory trends. Especially in the next couple of weeks, because it will tell us about what to expect in the months ahead.

For sellers, buyers need to have a compelling reason to buy your home, and that compelling reason maybe price. If you don’t want it to be the price, you have to look at other reasons to build value in the eyes of the buyers.

Buyers, the conditions for buying continue to be better. Rates are lower and prices are settling. No one is absolutely sure where the market is headed, but now you have the fortune of being more selective on your real estate decision. Here is a recent video I did regarding some buyers I helped recently.

Santa Clara Home Sales August 2019

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
2751 Forbes Avenue$1,430,000$1,300,0005133|01,93164
1463 Blackfield Drive$1,199,900$1,100,0005442|01,79067
2349 Menzel Place$1,379,000$1,270,0004043|01,80765
1901 Worthington Circle$1,998,000$1,881,3501343|02,3906
4003 Cheeney Street$998,000$940,0005721|01,16472
673 Malarin Avenue$1,298,000$1,235,0009043|01,94668
2734 Barkley Avenue$1,340,000$1,278,0005084|02,21863
4672 Wilcox Avenue$1,199,999$1,156,0006332|11,59921
4173 Marston Lane$1,499,800$1,450,0003032|11,75416
3216 San Juan Avenue$1,699,500$1,652,0004743|01,8850
2455 Painted Rock Drive$1,200,000$1,170,000432|01,44865
590 Park Court$1,149,000$1,125,0005731|01,43494
2665 Maplewood Lane$1,999,950$1,968,0007132|02,14649
2481 Austin Place$1,250,000$1,240,000732|01,34062
2497 Hart Avenue$1,350,000$1,340,0002632|01,34062
1711 Santa Cruz Avenue$1,680,000$1,670,0004233|02,1689
2360 Harrison Street$1,199,999$1,192,999732|01,22964
1679 Los Padres Boulevard$1,100,000$1,100,000932|01,12169
462 Muriel Court$1,898,000$1,898,0006453|02,42359
1922 Worthington Circle$1,499,000$1,499,0009532|11,9055
1186 Los Padres Boulevard$1,199,000$1,200,0001431|11,33065
412 Greenwood Drive$1,198,000$1,200,0002032|01,54352
2388 Manhattan Place$1,350,000$1,355,0004532|01,03461
998 Garrity Way$1,999,000$2,007,0005432|13,04417
4645 Armour Drive$1,075,000$1,080,000553|01,99459
724 Nicholson Avenue$1,398,000$1,412,0001032|01,25464
2639 Toledo Avenue$1,325,000$1,340,000832|01,16665
2612 Monticello Way$1,549,000$1,570,0002343|01,59159
3126 San Juan Avenue$1,349,000$1,380,000843|02,03361
4250 Marston Lane$1,688,000$1,730,000843|12,08317
4724 Mangrum Drive$975,000$1,000,0005142|01,16759
546 Woodstock Way$1,198,000$1,230,0001542|01,66651
4171 Rivermark Parkway$2,249,000$2,325,0001054|03,11316
1863 Clifford Street$849,000$880,000721|076673
4669 Snead Drive$1,050,000$1,090,000832|01,09559
1791 Clay Street$1,298,000$1,350,000932|01,375130
2632 Toledo Avenue$1,495,000$1,597,0001242|01,88462
1189 Inverness Avenue$1,448,888$1,560,000633|02,01168
795 Hilmar Street$1,175,000$1,270,000732|01,40078
3146 San Juan Avenue$1,288,000$1,395,0003132|01,09561
285 Crestview Drive$1,198,000$1,305,000732|01,35163
1671 Triton Court$1,100,000$1,200,000832|11,73029
2612 Meadowbrook Drive$799,000$955,000721|075464

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