2019 September home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 44 single-family homes that closed escrow, a slight increase from the 43 homes sold in August.  Average days on market increased to 34 days from 29 days, and median days increased to 17 from 15. The average price of a home sold in September 2019 was $1.24M which is about $130K lower than last month’s figure of $1.37M.

The Median price home sold was $1.24M, which is about $60K lower than August’s median price. The average cost per square foot increased from $827 per sqft. to $912. Of the 44 homes sold in August, 17 sold over asking. On average homes sold -1% under asking compared to +0.8% over asking in the previous month.

We are experiencing an interesting market. Inventory has dropped and sales have dropped, interest rates are also very low, but prices continue to settle lower. Our current market is demonstrating that buyers are being very patient in their home-buying decisions, and motivated sellers are dropping their prices to entice offers

September was the first month a number of years that homes sold on average less than their list price.  The Summer market we just experienced was exceptionally slow.  When September hit we noticed that inventory increased slightly but then started to fall later in the month.

In late September we started to see homes that had been sitting on the market finally get into contract.  What we were experiencing in late September and in the current month of October is a tightening of the market.  Where inventory is dropping, in this case due to heightened buying activity and slower listing activity.

With the FED worried about the economic slow down they have started to lower rates and that has contributed to a hotter market.  Although the last few months we had experienced dropping home values, I expect the market to stabilize and even price increases as we move into the holidays.

Santa Clara Home Sales September 2019


Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
104 Michael Way$1,450,000$1,650,0001432|01,27464
1795 Roll Street$1,389,000$1,270,0006532|01,69468
4496 Lakeshore Drive$1,388,888$1,300,0006232|01,96242
3519 Haig Street$949,000$930,0001732|01,09758
2175 Hoover Drive$1,200,000$1,210,0001332|01,18156
2381 Donner Place$1,295,000$1,235,0003842|01,35064
3458 Bella Vista Avenue$1,199,850$1,200,000832|01,21265
2939 Marietta Drive$1,488,000$1,465,0005933|01,64161
3225 Machado Avenue$1,338,000$1,313,8004232|01,07864
2205 Menzel Place$1,200,000$1,210,000932|01,40065
1420 Bellomy Street$899,000$865,0005122|0820139
3596 Rowena Court$999,998$925,00018831|01,00858
2562 Scanlan Place$1,245,000$1,250,000632|01,34062
2139 3rd Street$1,199,999$1,136,00012232|11,58919
3361 Granada Court$1,248,000$1,230,0002132|01,16665
1134 Monroe Street$888,888$930,000822|11,12632
1421 Bergin Place$1,299,000$1,250,00011332|01,37565
2063 Pruneridge Avenue$998,000$945,0001331|01,01665
2133 Pruneridge Avenue$1,090,000$1,100,0001231|01,01665
2318 Stanford Place$1,688,000$1,638,0004832|02,00262
2244 Emmett Court$1,428,000$1,410,0001632|01,36862
2476 Armstrong Place$1,199,950$1,237,000132|01,17064
1953 Murguia Avenue$1,498,880$1,550,000732|01,87672
1905 Morse Street$850,000$900,000521|087278
673 Bucher Avenue$1,398,800$1,361,1002832|01,23065
930 Wren Avenue$1,888,888$1,765,8881842|12,14025
1669 Berna Street$1,199,000$1,240,000522|01,52424
3218 Agate Drive$1,117,777$1,060,0008832|089764
2514 Hayward Drive$1,289,000$1,310,0002032|01,16664
4288 Macedo Place$998,000$985,0001732|11,19918
2694 Maplewood Lane$2,395,000$2,370,0004353|03,13349
511 Bellwood Drive$1,495,000$1,480,000863|02,24854
3487 San Marcos Way$1,200,000$1,150,0002231|01,09764
577 Woodstock Way$1,249,000$1,325,000832|01,88852
2237 3rd Street$1,249,000$1,245,0005542|11,70519
4706 Wilcox Avenue$1,169,000$1,157,00010532|11,59921
3187 San Juan Avenue$1,188,000$1,258,000732|01,09561
930 Monroe Street$1,600,000$1,730,000031|12,667113
670 Bucher Avenue$1,350,000$1,300,0001432|01,23065
3487 Victoria Avenue$1,099,000$1,120,0001132|01,08065
1037 Harrison Street$849,900$930,0003021|01,274119
2338 Vargas Place$1,025,000$915,0001132|01,05365
2112 Monroe Street$1,025,000$1,025,000241|01,38565
3426 Flora Vista Avenue$1,300,000$1,240,0003532|01,08065


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