2019 October home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 45 single-family homes that closed escrow, a slight increase from the 44 homes sold in September.  Average days on market decreased to 26 days from 34 days, and median days decreased to 16 from 17. The average price of a home sold in October 2019 was $1.2M which is about $40K lower than last month’s figure of $1.24M.

The Median price home sold was $1.2M, which is about $40K lower than September’s median price. The average cost per square foot decreased from $912 per sqft. to $892. Of the 45 homes sold in October, 14 sold over asking. On average homes sold -0.1% under asking compared to -1% under asking in the previous month.

We started the month of October with 45 active listings and finished with 40 active listings.  There were 53 new listings that came on in October, and 56 homes that entered into contract.

We are experiencing an interesting market. Inventory has dropped and sales have dropped, interest rates are also very low, but prices continue to settle lower. Our current market is demonstrating that buyers are being very patient in their home-buying decisions, and motivated sellers are dropping their prices to entice o

As we enter into the holiday season the seasonal shift of fewer homes coming on the market.  When home inventory drops in our market we start to see homes selling faster and home prices increasing as the instances of multiple offers on homes become more frequent.  This coupled with lower interest rates is positioning the market to go up in the next few months.

Not all buyers may not yet be adjusting to this, after all, they have been hearing from their agents and news outlets that the market has been dropping.  So buyer attitudes may be that they don’t feel rushed and are still being picky about their home purchase.

We are noticing homes selling faster now, not all homes, but desirable homes that are priced right are getting most if not all the attention.  Meanwhile, other homes may be sitting on the market.  While this trend of lower inventory continues buyers will start to notice home prices increasing and it may motivate them to buy a home soon.

Keep in mind that the economic situation can be volatile.  There are still concerns about the ongoing trade war with China and that situation could escalate and disrupt buyer attitudes.

Santa Clara Home Sales October 2019

Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
1588 &1590 Newhall Street$2,088,000$1,950,0003554|02,5320
3315 Mauricia Avenue$1,795,000$1,880,000942|01,56861
160 Arcadia Avenue$1,750,000$1,660,0005832|01,72461
1127 Chapel Drive$1,595,000$1,620,0007053|02,51171
3320 Tracy Drive$1,400,000$1,600,000832|01,42062
3278 Loma Alta Drive$1,588,000$1,578,0001132|01,63556
2295 Alcalde Street$1,499,800$1,470,0002632|12,10622
631 Clara Vista Avenue$1,499,999$1,460,0001432|11,64162
500 Kiely Boulevard$1,475,000$1,435,0006142|01,74256
663 Salberg Avenue$1,350,000$1,425,000932|01,23065
30 Alviso Street$1,399,000$1,399,0009043|01,89973
2961 Mark Avenue$1,299,950$1,390,0001442|01,65361
472 Clarkwood Court$1,349,998$1,350,000642|01,66650
956 Pomeroy Avenue$1,399,950$1,350,0005932|01,73355
688 Woodhams Road$1,348,000$1,330,0001232|01,36866
2639 Forbes Avenue$1,238,000$1,300,000632|01,56865
2129 Avenida De Las Flores$1,298,000$1,298,0003942|01,58443
2743 El Sobrante Street$1,148,000$1,297,500832|01,28563
185 N Henry Avenue$1,325,000$1,280,000832|11,32167
1941 Saint Lawrence Drive$1,189,000$1,235,000632|01,21265
2113 Santa Cruz Avenue$1,140,888$1,235,000732|01,07864
2815 Rebeiro Avenue$1,148,000$1,228,000332|01,14563
1263 Carmel Way$1,275,000$1,210,0002732|01,12970
1530 Alviso Street$1,150,000$1,200,0002032|11,3610
2595 Dixon Drive$1,225,000$1,175,0001632|01,16664
1742 Nobili Avenue$1,198,000$1,165,0003432|01,45865
2816 Steinhart Court$1,200,000$1,160,0002032|01,24563
2828 Chromite Drive$1,199,888$1,150,000132|01,46861
1412 Heatherdale Avenue$999,000$1,125,000931|01,09273
1891 Bowers Avenue$1,049,888$1,100,000932|01,09561
2804 Augusta Court$1,100,000$1,100,0001142|01,09561
2094 Sheraton Drive$1,099,000$1,099,0003042|01,24858
1791 Columbus Place$1,098,000$1,050,000632|01,19263
2801 Cozumel Circle$1,099,800$1,039,0005332|01,53830
2171 Bowers Avenue$1,050,000$1,036,0002832|01,00860
1142 Maryann Drive$949,000$989,000731|11,33065
656 Flannery Street$1,100,000$950,0003342|01,12766
1284 Fremont Street$987,888$945,0004132|01,56195
1669 Lexington Street$950,000$928,8886011|096893
1674 Main Street$928,000$928,000921|0888113
2636 Glade Drive$925,000$925,000432|094264
1206 Sherwood Avenue$988,000$900,8881721|01,58472
4606 Armour Drive$958,000$900,0002842|01,16759
4390 Bassett Street$910,000$900,0006332|01,24684
861 Harrison Street$970,000$900,0006931|01,053113

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