2019 November home sales in Santa Clara consisted of 48 single-family homes that closed escrow, a slight increase from the 45 homes sold in October.  Average days on market decreased to 23 days from 26 days, and median days decreased to 10 from 16. 

The average price of a home sold in November 2019 was $1.3M which is about $100K higher than last month’s figure of $1.2M.  The Median price home sold was $1.35M, which is about $150K higher than October’s median price. 

The average cost per square foot decreased from $892 per sqft. to $888. Of the 48 homes sold in November, 30 sold over asking. On average homes sold 2.4% over asking compared to -0.1% under asking in the previous month.

We started the month of November with 40 active listings and finished with 15 active listings.

The Altos Research Market Action Index for single-family homes in Santa Clara has risen to 60 from 50 where it was last month.  For more detailed reports on Santa Clara and Santa Clara Zip codes, you can access the reports here.

Santa Clara Report

95051 Report

95050 Report

95054 Report

With low inventory, the market is clearly picking up for sellers.  We have seen already some price appreciation over last month and homes are selling much quicker. 

If you noticed the cost per square foot decreased while median and average home prices have increased don’t be alarmed.  To me, that indicates that more large homes rather than small homes sold in November.  Larger homes have a lower price per square foot than smaller homes.   Just remember, like many metrics, if you follow just one it could mislead you about what is actually going on in the market.  

The combination of very low inventory and low rates, is going to cause home values to increase over the next few months.  The thing to watch for will be inventory and how quickly inventory increases in the new year.  Based on the activity of buyers lately, it will take some time for inventory to overcome the current demand.  

Santa Clara Home Sales November 2019


Street AddressList PricePriceDOMBeds TotalBthsSq Ft TotalAge
4507 Billings Circle$2,198,800$2,270,0001154|02,64515
356 Burnett Avenue$1,999,000$2,100,0001432|01,63463
3340 Allen Court$1,798,000$1,890,000732|01,40061
443 Juanita Drive$1,688,888$1,720,0001243|01,89067
658 Bancroft Street$1,649,000$1,700,0001542|11,65159
3460 Flora Vista Avenue$1,795,888$1,700,0003753|02,83465
1722 Santa Cruz Avenue$1,599,950$1,570,0004942|12,07162
201 Tyler Avenue$1,449,995$1,550,0001042|01,64569
2271 Rita Court$1,525,000$1,540,2501642|02,02767
2735 Sonoma Place$1,388,000$1,510,000842|01,70463
1464 Merrill Place$1,499,000$1,505,000744|02,00414
260 Calvert Drive$1,378,000$1,500,000732|01,42063
3068 Atherton Drive$1,350,000$1,500,0001432|01,26064
27 Linden Drive$1,388,000$1,460,000342|02,06371
2752 Lyle Court$1,399,000$1,460,000932|11,96463
757 Jill Avenue$1,475,000$1,450,0001352|01,95769
927 Warburton Avenue$1,498,950$1,445,00016843|01,9450
933 Sanchez Place$1,398,888$1,425,0004043|02,1780
3463 Earl Drive$1,400,000$1,420,000532|01,42063
2483 Gallup Drive$1,380,000$1,412,000742|01,69354
2235 Homestead Road$1,299,000$1,402,000532|01,54370
3441 Bella Vista Avenue$1,299,950$1,400,000932|01,51265
4273 Marston Lane$1,329,000$1,400,000732|11,67116
2196 Denise Drive$1,358,000$1,388,000732|01,63956
2261 Rita Court$1,398,000$1,380,0003231|01,07567
2553 Hayward Drive$1,298,000$1,366,888732|01,49364
1081 Kiely Boulevard$1,298,000$1,360,000932|01,43064
2755 Warburton Avenue$1,349,000$1,349,0001032|01,43361
2809 Ramona Court$1,100,000$1,330,000532|01,25463
2618 Warburton Avenue$1,275,000$1,330,0001042|11,53463
4377 Watson Circle$1,350,000$1,303,0008333|11,65715
2564 Elliot Court$1,300,000$1,300,00011842|01,29057
2148 Los Padres Boulevard$1,199,000$1,296,0001432|01,31458
2820 Barcells Avenue$1,399,000$1,280,0002053|01,79063
2163 Hunter Place$1,269,000$1,269,0002242|11,79622
1019 Leith Avenue$1,249,000$1,250,0002442|01,59457
2075 Warburton Avenue$1,225,000$1,220,0001842|01,62468
2380 Forbes Avenue$1,068,888$1,200,000532|01,29164
2161 Francis Avenue$1,197,888$1,198,8883542|01,09561
1133 Crowley Avenue$1,049,950$1,195,000931|190063
1125 Los Padres Boulevard$1,188,000$1,150,0005131|11,31968
3581 Butcher Drive$1,199,888$1,125,0003432|01,51765
2479 Crystal Drive$1,196,800$1,120,0004942|01,32664
3543 Cabrillo Avenue$1,150,000$1,090,000932|01,24063
2218 Francis Avenue$1,050,000$1,030,000332|01,07864
3350 Snively Avenue$985,000$985,000032|01,16665
1337 Blackfield Drive$988,888$968,888731|01,00667
2069 Monroe Street$749,000$775,0001031|098565

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