The Santa Clara housing market in October experienced 62 single-family homes that closed escrow, which is four more than sold in the previous month of September.   

During October there were 51 homes that accepted contracts, an increase from the prior month’s 47 homes.  During the month there were 74 new active listings that came on the market.

The average price of a home sold in October was $1.53M which is about $70K higher than last month’s figure of $1.46M.  The Median price home sold was $1.46M, which is about $60K higher than September’s median price.

The average cost per square foot increased from $923 per Sq. Ft. to $956. Of the 62 homes sold in October, half sold over the list price. 

On average homes that sold, sold 2.54% over asking compared to 2.78% over asking in the previous month.

We started the month of October with 51 active single-family home listings and finished with 59 in all of Santa Clara.

More sales in October than September.  Median price, average price, and price per square foot all increasing.  Generally this time of year sales are winding down and inventory is dropping.  For the last few months we have seen sales increasing and inventory trending between 45 and 55 homes. 

Although the market isn’t as hot as markets we have experienced in the past where most homes sell and prices are increasing rapidly, it certainly looks as though we me be heading that way.  

Record low interest rates and a booming stock market are certainly making affordability easier for many high tech workers in the valley.  

Altos Research Market Data For Santa Clara

Now that we are well into the fall market and the holidays are approaching inventory has finally started to die down.  Inventory for the past two weeks has been in the low 40s, and very likely to drop further as we approach the end of the year.

As inventory drops the market will tighten further and if buyer activity remains steady expect the more and more multiple offer scenarios and increasing home values.

Santa Clara Market Reports

The Altos Research Market Action Index for single-family homes in Santa Clara has increased to 64 from 61 where it was last month.  For more detailed reports on Santa Clara and Santa Clara Zip codes, you can access the reports here.

Santa Clara Report

95051 Report

95050 Report

95054 Report

Now the at the election is over and the democrats have regained the presidency buying activity is likely to increase further.  Democrats are likely to reverse the visa and immigration restrictions imposed by the previous administration.  These policies will ease the concerns of visa holders who make a large portion of the silicon valley workforce and encourage them to make long term home buying decisions.

The only uncertainty that remains is the long term implications of the pandemic and when life will finally return back to normal.  As Europe enters its second wave and starts to shut down again, Santa Clara has recently announced that it is returning back to Red from Orange status.   Signalling the likelihood of further shutdowns or perhaps a return back to shelter in place.

While concerns over the pandemic and its consequences are unresolved, the long term implications can be very positive for home values in the valley.  Buyers will need more space as the prospect of working from home becomes more permanent.   Also the FED will likely have to keep rates low and release more stimulous to help out of work Americans.

One last factor which I will not be able to go into too much detail is Prop 19.  The passage of this ballot measure will certainly have a large impact on residential real estate in California.  For more about that read my post on Prop 19.

Buyers, time could be running out before the market begins to get overheated and prices jump.  As the opportunities start drying up in the coming weeks, you will want to accelerate your home purchase before prices go up in the new year.

Sellers, October wasn’t much of a jump from September, but November may start the shift into a much tighter market.  One where price increases are likely to be more substantial.    If you subscribe to our Altos Research Reports you probably have been noticing that the  Market Action Index (MAI) has been trending upward in the last few months.  Now and the coming months will be a great time to sell.  

As always be sure to understand what you are buying or selling.   Knowing how your home or the home you are considering buying fits in the current market is important to determine the right price.

If you have any questions about a home on the market or your home’s value, please feel free to reach out I am happy to hear from yo

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Santa Clara October 2020 Home Sales

2326 Quinn Avenue$2,788,000$2,780,0006055|03,1120
3365 Georgetown Place$1,999,950$2,200,000243|12,02462
3292 Geneva Drive$1,798,000$2,200,000733|01,82663
3819 Melody Lane$2,149,000$2,149,0001044|01,95061
3396 Mauricia Avenue$1,980,000$2,100,000742|01,89767
2682 Estella Drive$2,198,000$2,100,0003853|02,53944
3744 Benton Street$1,688,888$2,060,000743|01,73559
3086 Humbolt Avenue$2,098,000$2,040,0002063|02,70710
3887 Kensington Avenue$1,688,000$1,950,000532|01,38857
947 Garrity Way$1,899,000$1,940,000842|12,33116
1649 Monroe Street$1,748,000$1,850,0001643|02,3580
467 Bancroft Street$1,998,888$1,820,0002053|02,22960
2326 Warburton Avenue$1,750,000$1,805,000642|01,90970
925 Peppertree Lane$1,748,000$1,780,000542|11,9315
2880 Stevenson Street$1,799,000$1,780,0001032|12,28460
3331 Pruneridge Avenue$1,699,000$1,777,000653|02,67959
662 Briarcliff Court$1,650,000$1,750,000642|01,41859
3271 Catalina Avenue$1,749,000$1,711,0001242|01,70057
2315 South Drive$1,748,000$1,700,0003863|13,03055
4426 Laird Circle$1,688,800$1,675,0005432|12,03615
3465 Forest Avenue$1,698,888$1,670,0002743|01,68065
758 Los Olivos Drive$1,449,800$1,625,000542|01,85464
2203 Dianne Drive$1,649,000$1,625,000732|01,79458
2726 Donovan Avenue$1,699,900$1,600,0002333|01,57864
2679 Brady Court$1,588,000$1,590,0002233|01,96664
601 Woodhams Road$1,599,900$1,562,500553|01,96259
521 Woodstock Way$1,425,000$1,520,501842|01,66653
935 Sanchez Place$1,550,000$1,515,0003543|02,1780
2229 Duvall Court$1,495,000$1,488,0002342|12,08622
1835 Woodland Avenue$1,475,000$1,475,000931|11,68570
2658 Warburton Avenue$1,400,000$1,475,000932|11,75764
150 Bret Harte Court$1,195,000$1,455,000632|01,14365
420 Hillsdale Avenue$1,450,000$1,450,000042|01,35063
4203 Tobin Circle$1,395,000$1,450,000733|01,59017
3494 San Marcos Way$1,325,000$1,428,000032|01,21266
600 Mission St$1,445,000$1,395,000 32|11,60743
1735 Bowers Avenue$1,388,000$1,370,0003633|01,39764
4572 Cheeney Street$1,348,800$1,365,000642|11,70520
743 Salberg Avenue$1,399,000$1,360,000632|01,64365
2590 Dixon Drive$1,324,900$1,360,0001132|01,16665
961 Las Palmas Drive$1,298,000$1,338,000532|01,16665
1192 Foley Avenue$1,349,000$1,330,0001432|01,64564
3485 Pruneridge Avenue$1,378,000$1,328,0001331|11,50062
741 San Miguel Avenue$1,299,999$1,325,0004632|01,45966
3156 Fowler Avenue$1,398,000$1,310,0001532|01,17062
768 Caldwell Place$1,300,000$1,290,0006032|11,54332
1695 Catherine Street$1,150,000$1,285,000322|01,32071
687 Los Olivos Drive$1,198,888$1,259,0001432|01,08566
1651 Cunningham St$1,069,900$1,257,750 31|01,02169
3105 Machado Avenue$1,198,000$1,250,000632|01,07865
621 Kiely Boulevard$1,349,999$1,235,0002943|01,64965
2346 Castro Place$1,048,000$1,205,000632|01,05366
3265 Machado Avenue$1,265,000$1,200,000032|01,07865
1870 Los Padres Boulevard$999,950$1,200,000732|01,21866
650 Clara Vista Avenue$1,249,000$1,150,0005832|01,08563
4644 Mangrum Drive$1,088,000$1,120,000542|01,37160
630 Park Court$998,000$1,080,000621|090895
2108 Ventura Place$1,098,888$1,063,0001231|099465
2306 Park Avenue$1,099,000$1,020,0002732|11,62244
2279 Newhall Street$1,025,000$1,000,0007731|01,09272
4344 Cheeney Street$949,000$950,0001021|086270
1270 Washington Street$899,950$880,0002121|01,077139

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